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How to Collect Your $10 Million if You Win?

This is a serious question, and one you may be asking yourself as you dream of becoming our Giant-Sweeps $10 Million Prize Winner. This massive prize is guaranteed to be awarded to one lucky winner. First off, entering to win this giant prize money is absolutely 100% free. There is never any purchase required or any kind of obligation necessary. To qualify as one of our entrants, you simply need to register your primary email address with us (the one you check most often and will want to rece... Read More

Why you have to fill out and send in W-9 if you win over $600

Winning money is a lot of fun and we love awarding cash prizes to our members. We love when our members win large amounts of money and we’re always excited when we get to send you your winning payout.

Just like most things in life, though, there are rules. If you win over $600, you’ll need to fill out a W-9 because your winnings are considered income and therefore taxable. Generally, winnings are reported as regular income when you file your income taxes. So, when you win ... Read More

About Giant-Sweeps Sweepstakes

Giant-Sweeps is an exciting Sweepstakes site with multiple chances to play to win cash prizes. To enter to win our One Million Dollar Giant-Sweeps, just choose seven (7) numbers out of sixty (60).  You can save your numbers to use during future plays by hitting the "Save Picks" button.  When you want to use them again, click on “Faves” and you’ll see your saved sets of numbers. Or, you can use our Quick Pick feature, or even alternate between your own numbers and c... Read More

Beware of Sweepstakes Scams

Beware of Scam Sweepstakes Sites – Know What’s Legitimate

There are a lot of legitimate Sweepstakes sites on the internet these days. And, yes, people do really win some amazing prizes and cash awards. Companies with solid years of experience and great reputations are certainly what you want to look for when entering contests online. You don’t want to end up the victim of fraud, or, worse yet, identity theft!

First of all, Giant-Sweeps and our affiliates have... Read More

How to Win on Giant-Sweeps

Giant Sweeps winners are chosen at random every night at Midnight Eastern Time. Entering is as easy as joining our free membership by filling in your main email address then logging in daily to enter each game. Just be sure to use an email address you check every day, or at least frequently, when you sign up for our free membership. You can stay logged in to make it even faster to claim your daily entries. Note the top right-hand corner of any page on Giant Sweeps. If it says “Logout,&r... Read More

Giant-Sweeps – Why You Should Whitelist Us!

Your email address may seem insignificant in the scheme of things, but nothing could be further from the truth. As you play our Giant-Sweeps daily games, the entries you submit are registered in our system according to the email address you provided when you signed up for your free Giant-Sweeps membership.

Every time you play, your entries are recorded by your registered email address. We do encourage our members to check their email every day for important reminders and winner notifi... Read More

Yay - More Winners!
Real people like you are winning every single day at Giant-Sweeps.  We make sure of that by running a $25 daily cash sweepstakes in addition to our $100 weekly sweepstakes.  Yes, that's right... someone wins $100 every single week guaranteed.  ... Read More

New $1,000 Daily Draw Sweepstakes
If you've been playing Giant-Sweeps since we launched, you may have noticed a small change in the site recently.  That is because we decided to add one additional chance to win each day.  While keeping Giant-Sweeps super fast and easy to play, we just gave loyal players like yourself an extra chance at a $1,000 cash award.  You'll find this game immediately after completing your $10,000,000 sweepstakes entry.  ... Read More

Giant-Sweeps Prize Payout Options

As a registered member of Giant-Sweeps, you are probably already well aware that the main prizes are the $1,000 (game 3), $1,000,000 (game 1) and $10,000,000 (game 2) giveaways.  And if for some reason you're reading this and not already a GiantsSweeps member, we urge you to sign up today because every day that goes by that you aren't a member is another lost opportunity to walk away with a life changing sum of money.  So now imagine that you've submitted your favorite numbers ... Read More

What Makes Giant-Sweeps So "Giant"?
You may be wondering why we decided to name this site Giant-Sweeps as that is a pretty bold statement.  The answer is pretty simple.  With daily drawing entry opportunities for $1,000,000 and $10,000,000 we certainly believe the giveaways we feature are indeed "Giant".  While many sites out there offer giveaways in the hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars, Giant-Sweeps has two giveaways for a million dollars or more.  Not many sites are giving players the chance to en... Read More

Reasons To Enter Sweepstakes
It is no surprise that tens of millions of people in the United States enter sweepstakes each year and that they are popular in other countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealanda and South Africa among others.  What's not to love about getting free chances to win cash and prizes?  I want to reiterate this first point.  Sweepstakes are 100% free to enter.  If it isn't free, it isn't a sweepstakes.  Not only are sweepstakes totally free to enter, but collecting prizes sh... Read More

Giant-Sweeps Partner Sites You May Want to Check Out!

Giant-Sweeps partner sweepstakes sites are just like Giant-Sweeps and are also 100% free to join and play to win every day. There are no gimmicks or catches. We never ask for any purchase or obligation of any kind. We only ask that when you join our free memberships, you sign up with an email address that you check frequently so we can notify you of a winning prize. We’ll remind you to enter and inform you of any other exciting news, like if we add another new and fun way to win our fre... Read More

Giant-Sweeps – What Would You Do If You Won $1,000?

It should come as no surprise that we’re asking this question, because it’s a fact that GiantSweeps gives daily chances in Game 3 to win $1,000 cash. After you complete your entries for our top prizes of $1,000,000 and $10,0000, we give you a chance to play and pick your lucky numbers for our $1,000 cash prize giveaway game where you can pick five (5) out of fifty (50) numbers for your chance to win this cash prize. You’ll also earn additional entries to win our $100 weekly ... Read More

Giant-Sweeps $100 Daily Cash Prize Winners: December 2019

2019 is winding down to a an exciting close with our $100 Daily Cash Prize Giveaways. One winner is chosen at random every single day from entries into our Giant-Sweeps games. Congratulations to all the Giant-Sweeps members who won their $100 daily cash prizes. Heinz R. from Cranford NJ won the $100 Daily Cash Prize on December 26th. It’s always nice to get an extra Christmas gift when you least expect it! James W. from Boston, MA, won the $100 Daily Cash Prize on December 27th. Way to ... Read More

$1,000 Winners – April 2020

Imagine suddenly having an extra grand in your bank account! For some of our GiantSweepers, it’s no dream. We’re happy to congratulate our April 2020 winners of the $1,000 cash prize! JoAnn L. from Mays Landing, New Jersey, won the $1,000 cash prize on April 1st. Congrats to you JoAnn. We hope that put a great big giant smile on your face and you enjoy being $1,000 richer. Enjoy your cash whatever you use it for. Maybe you’ll kick off the celebration with a delicious meal fr... Read More

May 2020 – Winner Spotlight

It’s been a fun month of May 2020 for our GiantSweepers, who have been entering and winning some great cash prizes. Randall K. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, won $1,000 cash on May 6th. That’s a nice chunk of cash which could be used for so many things! Maybe you’ll kick off your celebration with a trip to the Milwaukee Public Market and buy some fresh ingredients to have a nice relaxing backyard barbecue. West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shop looks like a fantastic place to stop! ... Read More

June 2020 Winner Highlights

It’s been a super-giant fun month of June 2020, with many of our Giant Sweepers entering and winning cash prizes! We give $25 every single day to one lucky player just for logging in. You can also earn entries for this daily giveaway while you play GiantSweeps. Congrats to Kevin T. in Orlando, Florida, who won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on June 1st. We had 29 other $25 Daily Cash Prize winners, so congrats go out to all of you as well! Kirk J. won the $100 Weekly Cash Prize Giveaway on Ju... Read More

March 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s another fun and exciting month here at GiantSweeps! We know our winners certainly think so! We’ve been giving away $25 every single day to one lucky person just for logging in and/or playing our free sweepstakes games! Be sure to login to GiantSweeps with your real email address. If you’re chosen as one of our lucky winners, we’ll send you a winner email notification at the email address associated with your login. If, for some reason, you change your primary emai... Read More

April 2021 Winner Highlights

Here at GiantSweeps we just love giving money away every single day as our way of saying thanks to our many players! If you haven’t won yet, keep playing and keep an eye on your inbox. We send $25 to one player each day and give away $100 to one lucky player every week. There’s nothing extra you need to do to qualify for our daily and weekly cash prizes. Simply login and play GiantSweeps and you’re automatically entered into our daily and weekly cash prize drawings which are... Read More

May 2021 Winner Highlights

We hope you’re all enjoying playing GiantSweeps for your fast, fun and free chances to win cash! We’re always delighted to send winner email messages along with cash prizes to our winners and glad to welcome you aboard our ever-growing list of winners! Keep in mind, we give away $25 to one player every single day and $100 to one player each week, so be sure to visit our site, login and play so you won’t miss your chances to become one of our daily or weekly cash prize winner... Read More

June 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s the good old summertime and we hope you’re enjoying the warm weather and outdoor activities, but don’t forget to take your favorite device along so you don’t miss any of your free daily chances to win up to $10 Million! Playing GiantSweeps is fast, fun and very simple and we’re always delighted when our players win cash. While you’re playing to win our Giant cash prizes, you just may be chosen as one of our $25 daily or ... Read More

GiantSweeps June 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s the good old summertime and we hope you’re enjoying the warm weather and outdoor activities, but don’t forget to take your favorite device along so you don’t miss any of your free daily chances to win up to $10 Million! Playing GiantSweeps is fast, fun and very simple and we’re always delighted when our players win cash. While you’re playing to win our Giant cash prizes, you just may be chosen as one of our $25 daily or $100 weekly cash prize winners, ... Read More

$1,000 Game 3 Winner - Donald D. Pensacola, Florida – July 13, 2021!

It turned out to be a giant lucky 13 day for Donald D. of Pensacola, Florida, when he chose all of the correct numbers and won a cool grand in Game 3 on July 13, 2021! That’s $1,000 Cash in your pocket free and clear. Woo Hoo! We’re super stoked and so glad to award you this large cash prize, Donald! There are so many amazing ways you can have fun enjoying all that money! Whether you put a down payment on a new car or apartment, pay off your bills, plan a vacation or just shop for... Read More

July 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s another great month for our GiantSweeps players and what better time of year to win cash than summer?! We’re always thrilled when you win cash and this month, we had a $1,000 Cash Prize Winner! Congratulations to Donald D. in Pensacola, Florida, for choosing the winning numbers in Game 3 on lucky July 13! That’s a great surprise and we’re sure you’re pretty stoked to have a cool grand in your hands to spend on anything you choose! That could cover a trip to ... Read More

August 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s always giant fun playing Giant Sweeps since it’s always 100% free, fast and easy to enter for your chance to win up to $10 million! On top of that, we give away $25 to one player every day and $100 to someone every week just for logging in to our site or entering our free daily games!

Lilijana S. from Las Vegas, Nevada, didn’t need to head to the casinos to put $25 in her purse since she won the $25 Daily Cash giveaway on August 1! Jong L. from Fairfax, Virginia... Read More

September 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s been another incredibly giant fun month for our players and we’re always super stoked to highlight winners who have played and won cash with GiantSweeps! Keep in mind, all you need to do is login to our site to be eligible to win our $25 daily or $100 weekly cash giveaway! But while you’re here be sure to play to win cash up to $10 Million! It’s fast, fun and totally free to play GiantSweeps every day! We just love when our players win and we give cash prizes away... Read More

October 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s October and we hope our players are enjoying the beginning of Fall and playing Giant-Sweeps every day for the chance to win money just in time for the holiday season! Our site is super simple to play for your free chances to win cash up to $10 Million! Add to that, we give away $25 daily to one player just for logging in to our site and $100 to someone every week! Everyone can use extra cash these days, that’s why we offer these daily and weekly giveaways so you can enjoy hav... Read More