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September 2022 Winner Highlights

It’s been a giant fun month of September because playing free games to win money is always thrilling! With the chance to win cash up to $10 million by spending a few minutes playing fun games, there’s no reason not to stop by our site every day! You never know when you might choose those winning numbers and you can always check back the next day to see if you did, or how close you came. We notify our winners at the email address they login with, so be sure you login with one you can easily access for potentially important messages from us!

Don’t forget to check for daily and weekly winner emails too since we give $25 to one player every day and $100 to someone each week! On top of that you can also earn some cash if you partially match the winning numbers, which can be giant fun as well!

Robert R. from Buellton, California, added his name to the winner’s list this month after he won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 1! That’s a giant great way to set the month on a positive note and you never know when one of our games may have your lucky numbers drawn, so keep playing!

Barbara B. heads up this month’s list of $100 Weekly Cash Giveaway winners after she won the first weekly prize drawing of this month on September 7! That might be great timing to get the kids set up with back to school supplies and snacks for their lunch boxes and perhaps you’ll meet up with some of the other mothers for a nice breakfast out after the kids get on the bus!

Jen I. in Grand Junction, Colorado, won the $25 Daily Cash on September 10 and might be using it to enjoy some hot beverages at the local coffee house during open mic night! That’s one fun way to spend an enjoyable evening with your prize money to cover your beverage cost. Don’t forget to throw something in the tip jar to show your appreciation of those fine tunes!

Heather K. of Cornelius, Oregon, might be heading out to her favorite hot dog truck and treating a friend to an awesome lunch now that she has the $25 Daily Cash she won on September 14. These days, food trucks are all the rage and sometimes you can find the greatest hidden gem parked along the roadside with an impressive chef waiting to show off their culinary skills to delight your tastebuds!

Ron K. from Roswell, Georgia, also has an extra $100 on hand since he won the Weekly Giveaway on September 21, just in time to welcome the return of Autumn and perhaps head to a local Fall Festival to enjoy the beautiful weather, food, drinks, and entertainment.

Donald T. in Greenburg, Indiana, hit a partial match in Game 2 on September 25, and put $100 cash in his pocket! That’s how we roll here at Giant Sweeps! If you match some of the numbers you can still win some cash and that’s always a good thing! The other great part about our free sweepstakes games is if you are partial to a certain set of numbers you can save them to play over again. Either way, keep playing because you never know when you’ll choose the winning combination for one of our giant cash prizes!

Sarah H. of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, also has $100 cash to enjoy since she won the Weekly Cash Giveaway drawing on September 28! That could certainly make your next shopping trip to Kohl’s extra special with your prize money to pay for new clothes, housewares, or whatever you’d like to buy.

Lisa C. in Lamar, Missouri, wraps up this month’s list of $25 Daily Cash winners after winning the prize drawing on September 30! That could pay for a snazzy Autumn themed gel manicure or maybe you’ll just head out to a nice lunch with a friend and chill out at Dairy Queen for a while! You may even choose to spend your prize money enjoy a nice flick at the local drive-in. That’s another fun way to spend it!

Giant congrats to all the winners this month. Keep playing every day for the chance to win cash prizes up to $10 million, which could no doubt be a life changing event! It’s always fun, fast, and easy to choose your own numbers or let the games choose for you. Just be sure to login with the best email to reach you since that’s the way we notify our winners and confirm their prize payment which can be collected by check in the mail, PayPal, or an Amazon Gift Card. You can also follow us on Twitter and share our posts with your friends so they can get in on the free games with Giant-Sweeps!