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Date Game Name CITY ST Prize


You will receive an entry into both the $25 daily and $100 weekly giveaways by simply visiting the site each day (one entry this way maximum per day). Your entry will be recorded when you either join, login or click a link in an email sent from us.

One player is 100% assured of winning $25 daily. We also give away a $100 cash prize weekly. Get entries when you either join or visit the site and when you complete each of the three daily drawings for $1,000, $1,000,000 and our $10,000,000 super sweepstakes. This means that in addition to the three daily drawing entries, you can receive up to four entries into the $100 weekly and $25 daily giveaways daily. Be sure to check your emails from us and take a peek at this winner list when you can. All winners are contacted by email, so please do not ignore notices we send you. Daily and Weekly prize winners can receive prizes via Check, PayPal or Amazon gift card. $100 Weekly winners can also opt for a postal money order.