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About Giant-Sweeps Sweepstakes

Giant-Sweeps is an exciting Sweepstakes site with multiple chances to play to win cash prizes. To enter to win our One Million Dollar Giant-Sweeps, just choose seven (7) numbers out of sixty (60).  You can save your numbers to use during future plays by hitting the "Save Picks" button.  When you want to use them again, click on “Faves” and you’ll see your saved sets of numbers. Or, you can use our Quick Pick feature, or even alternate between your own numbers and choosing to play with Quick Picks. Once you’ve selected your numbers simply review to confirm your selections and hit “submit.” It’s fast and that simple! As a bonus, once you submit your daily entry for the $1,000,000 cash prize, you’ll be invited to play to win our other fantastic cash prizes such as our $10,000,000 and $1,000 daily draw games!

$10,000,000 Giant-Sweeps Grand Prize

To play our massive $10,000,000 Giant-Sweeps, select eight (8) out of sixty-five (65) numbers. You can use your own numbers and save your picks, or use our Quick Picks feature, or alternate them each day. If you get a hunch and want to change your numbers before you submit them, just click Clear Picks and choose another set of numbers to play. Remember to play every day. Not only do we give you daily chances to become a Giant-Sweeps millionaire, we also give you bonus games to play to win our $25 daily and $100 weekly cash prizes. Remember, becoming a member of Giant-Sweeps is 100% free and we invite you to play every day to increase your overall chances of becoming a Giant-Sweeps cash prize winner.

$100 Weekly and $25 Daily Cash Prizes

When you complete your game for the $1,000,000 Giant-Sweeps by confirming and entering your seven (7) numbers, you’ll earn an entry into our Giant-Sweeps $100 weekly cash giveaway and an entry into our $25 daily prize as well. You can save and re-use your lucky numbers, or hit clear if you change your mind and want to play other numbers, or use our Quick Pick feature. Check back daily and don’t forget to check your email every day. We’ll send you a winning message if you’re selected as one of our winners. We draw prizes every night at Midnight EST, so be sure to get your daily games in before that time! Also, register an email address that you check every day. That’s where we’ll send winning notifications, so be sure not to ignore email messages from Giant-Sweeps and add us to your email contacts too. We also post winners on this site, so feel free to check the list when you’re finished playing your daily games. Have fun playing Giant-Sweeps and good luck!