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February 2023 Winner Highlights

It’s always giant fun playing Giant-Sweeps! With fast, easy games available every day, you can pass the time doing something that’s totally fun, completely free and may possibly put some giant money in your pocket too! We’re not monkeying around when it comes to giving money away either. We give $100 to one player every week and $25 to someone each day! Plus, you can play our free lottery style sweepstakes games for the chance to win some seriously giant cash up to ten million dollars! We also pay our players for partial matches. So, there’s another opportunity to win some free money!

Keith E. from Morehouse, Missouri, starts off this month’s list of $100 Weekly Cash Winners after he was chosen in the February 1 prize drawing! That’s giant fantastic news to see in your email and we hope you put on your happy face when you read that you’ve got a crisp Benjamin with your name on it! Maybe you’ll celebrate with a delicious dinner at R&O and take your significant other out for a celebratory evening! With classic American menu options, and some with a unique twist, you’re sure to enjoy a delectable dinner and quality time together! Or you may decide to head to T&L Bar and Grill to enjoy a meal while being serenaded by some of the areas best local talent. Music and top notch pub food are always a great combination!

Allen W. in New Haven, Connecticut, won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on February 2, which is a great way to start the month on a lucky note! We give this cash prize to someone every day and that’s free money you can use for whatever you need! That could be a nice lunch with a friend, gas in your car, delivery from your favorite take-out restaurant, or even happy hour with your buddies after work!

Norman P. of Silverton, Oregon, added his name to Winners Way this month after he was chosen in the $100 Weekly Cash Prize drawing on February 8! That’s always a thrilling email to receive and once you reply, you can choose to receive your prize money by check in the mail, PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card! From there, it’s all yours free and clear to use however you please!

Marjorie K. in Las Vegas, Nevada, didn’t have to go to a casino to put some cash in her wallet since she won the $25 Daily Giveaway on February 14! That’s an extra special Valentine’s Day surprise for sure! Maybe you’ll treat yourself to a bouquet of beautiful flowers from your favorite florist so you can admire how nice they accent your dinner table with candles to set the mood!

Angelina R. from Colorado City, Arizona, is our $100 Weekly Cash Winner for February 15, and that’s something to celebrate! It’s always nice to treat yourself now and again and with that prize money you might reserve a table for two at your favorite restaurant to enjoy a delicious dinner and a relaxing evening out!

Richard S. of Watford City, North Dakota, added his name to the $25 Daily Cash Winners list on February 20! That could pay for a leisurely breakfast for two at The Dakotan Restaurant since that looks like the best place in town for a homestyle omelet or eggs prepared your way with a side of biscuits and gravy and a nice hot cup of that delicious coffee they brew fresh!

Charles W. in Osceola, Indiana, can also go out and have some fun if he wants to since he has $100 to spend after winning the Weekly Cash prize drawing on February 22! Maybe you’ll invite a friend and head to Mr. G’s Restaurant and Lounge, to relax and enjoy a great meal and drinks while you listen to some of the areas local talent. It’s always fun to see live music and have a wonderful meal at the same time!

Benjamin B. from Whitakers, North Carolina, also has some extra cash on hand since he won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on February 28! That’s a nice way to end the month on a lucky note! That could cover a hot pizza from Marina’s Italian Restaurant with all your favorite toppings!

Thanks for playing Giant-Sweeps everyone and congrats to all of our lucky winners this month. To view the full list head to our Winners Way page. We hope you continue to enjoy our free daily sweepstakes games and wish you the best of good luck winning cash up to ten million dollars! That would certainly be a giant life-changing moment for anyone!