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January 2022 Winner Highlights

It’s been another Giant-Fun month for our players who we know enjoy the excitement of playing our free daily games for the chance to win cash prizes up to $10 Million! After all, it’s totally free, completely fun and fast to choose your lucky numbers for the chance to win cash! Of course, you can also use our built-in Quick Pick feature and let the game choose for you, but either way you can always save those numbers if they feel lucky to you, and you’d like to play them again! Keep in mind, numbers are drawn each night at Midnight Eastern Time, so be sure to play every day before then! If you want to use your saved numbers, just click on Use Faves and they’ll automatically fill in for that game.

Don’t forget, we also give away $100 every week to one of our players, so make sure to check your email to find out if you’re the next winner! We’ll send you a winner notification to the email address you login with, so be sure that’s the right one to reach you at! We’ll also post your name and prize on our Winner’s list, just because we like to show off our winners and give them some bragging rights too!

Debra V. made it to the Winners List on January 5 when she was chosen in the weekly $100 cash prize drawing! That could make for an awesome shopping spree on Amazon if you choose the gift card options as your prize money payment! That’s a fast and easy way to start enjoying spending your prize money! After all, there isn’t much you can’t find on Amazon so we’re sure you’ll be happy to go shopping with $100 free spending money!

Rick L. from Arlington, Tennessee, also won that crisp hundred-dollar bill in the weekly cash drawing on January 12! That could buy a nice dinner for two at your favorite place in town, or perhaps you’ll pay off some of those holiday expenses early this year! You might even take the cash and put it right in your pocket so you can enjoy walking around with extra money to spend on a whim! Whatever you choose, we hope you fully enjoy spending it!

Christina C. in Riverview, Florida, may be dining out at her favorite water view restaurant, since she has $100 to spend on a fine dining experience if she wants to. Christina added her name and cash prize to the Winners List after she was chosen in the $100 weekly cash prize drawing on January 19! You could also head to your favorite boutique and splurge on that new outfit you saw in the window! That’s always a fun way to spend prize money!

Matthew H. from Cheyenne, Wyoming, is also $100 richer this month since he won the weekly cash drawing on January 26! That’s a mighty welcomed message to open in your email and we hope it was a nice surprise that made your day! Perhaps you’ll head over to Walmart to browse around and buy some things you’ve been needing, or treat yourself to something special like a new shirt and work boots!

Giant congrats also go out to our $25 daily cash winners! Of course, we know this isn’t the $10 million prize, but it is free cash you can spend any way you choose. Plus, we offer three easy ways to get paid so if you’d like to shop online you can choose an Amazon Gift Card or PayPal payment, or we can mail you a check. Some of the players who added their names to the daily cash winners list this month include Ted B. in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, Neil H. from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Ray M. in Phoenix, Arizona and Harris R. from Denver, Colorado. To see the complete Winners List head to our Winners page!

Don’t forget, you can check the numbers you play after they post the next day so you can see how close you came to getting all of those winning numbers, or if you did get all of them! Be sure to keep playing every day so you don’t miss the possibility of winning cash up to $10 Million. We offer fast easy free games for the chance to win $1,000, $1,000,000 and $10,000,000 every day! On top of that, we even pay for partial matches so if you get some of the numbers right in any given game, you could still win some money! So, be sure to get in the games every day for the chance to win Giant-Sweeps!