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Giant-Sweeps – What Would You Do If You Won $1,000?

It should come as no surprise that we’re asking this question, because it’s a fact that GiantSweeps gives daily chances in Game 3 to win $1,000 cash. After you complete your entries for our top prizes of $1,000,000 and $10,0000, we give you a chance to play and pick your lucky numbers for our $1,000 cash prize giveaway game where you can pick five (5) out of fifty (50) numbers for your chance to win this cash prize. You’ll also earn additional entries to win our $100 weekly cash prize, as well as our daily $25 cash giveaway just for visiting the site and entering each of our daily games. As you earn your daily entries for these prizes, you’ll see how many you’ve accumulated by looking at the top right corner of your screen.

$1,000 is a nice chunk of change! So, what would you do if you win $1,000? The possibilities are very real and the choices are endless. An extra grand in your pocket would certainly put a smile on anyone’s face! Maybe you’re tired of spending money on car repairs and envy your friend who has a brand-new car they either lease or purchased recently. $1,000 could be a nice down-payment for a car that has an extended warranty, so you won’t need to worry anymore about shelling out your hard-earned pay for repairs, or wonder if you’ll break down somewhere and end up with a huge towing bill. Or, maybe you rent a small space and would like to upgrade, but just can’t seem to get the security deposit saved up. $1,000 could fix that in a jiffy! You could also split your winnings between paying off some bills and having a bit of fun. If you have credit card debt, paying down some of the balance will relieve the interest and possibly lower your monthly payment in the process. You could also use it for some nice home repairs or new furniture for your living room. If you’ve been needing to start a savings account for something specific, $1,000 is a great way to start. It could easily be the beginning of a college fund, retirement account, down-payment on a new home, or a home renovation fund. Perhaps you have young kids or grandkids who have never been on a real vacation. Even a nice long weekend on a sandy beach is enough to rejuvenate the senses and have some carefree fun with the kiddos! 

Whatever you dream of doing with $1,000, remember to get your entries in before Midnight Eastern Time each day. We’ll notify you at the email address you entered with your free membership, so be sure to use an email address you check daily. Also, add [email protected] to your email contacts. That way you won’t miss any important messages from us, including possible prize-winning notices. Keep an eye on your email and keep checking our winner’s list too. Our winner’s list is updated frequently. Membership and entering to win are always 100% free guaranteed. There is no purchase necessary and never any obligation to enter to win. All you have to do is pick your lucky numbers and submit them into our daily games. Remember you can also save your numbers to “faves” and use them over again. Or, you can pick new numbers each day for each game. The choice is entirely yours. We sincerely wish you all the best of luck at winning GiantSweeps!