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April 2021 Winner Highlights

Here at GiantSweeps we just love giving money away every single day as our way of saying thanks to our many players! If you haven’t won yet, keep playing and keep an eye on your inbox. We send $25 to one player each day and give away $100 to one lucky player every week. There’s nothing extra you need to do to qualify for our daily and weekly cash prizes. Simply login and play GiantSweeps and you’re automatically entered into our daily and weekly cash prize drawings which are held at midnight eastern time. Just be sure to login in with your real email address and make sure to open email messages from us. While you’re entering to win up to $10 million, you could easily put some extra cash in your pocket. Winners are chosen at random and posted on our Winners page along with being notified by email. If you’re selected to win one of these fun giveaways, you can let us know which way you’d like your cash prize to be paid. We offer a check to your mailing address, a PayPal payment so you can spend your prize money online or transfer it to your bank account, or you can choose an Amazon Gift Card because who doesn’t like shopping on Amazon?! Whichever way you choose to be paid, if you’re selected as one of our winners you can spend your prize money any way you want to!

Congrats to our many April 2021 winners including Paul S. in Waycross, Georgia, who won the $25 daily cash giveaway on April 1. Kelly D. also has some extra cash on hand since she won the $100 weekly giveaway on April 7. That could certainly come in handy to buy some new sunglasses, flip flops and a nice beach hat to hit the sand on your favorite beach this summer! Ivan F. in Orlando, Florida, might be heading to the local theme parks with the kids for some extra fun since he also has $100 in his pocket after winning the weekly giveaway on April 14! Bradford L. in Beaumont, Texas, could be grabbing a nice lunch out with a friend since he has an extra $25 to spend after winning the daily cash prize on April 22! Ruthann A. in Tampa, Florida, may want to add some extra comfy seating accessories to her patio since she can upgrade those old cushions and add cool ambient lighting or decorative candles for nighttime enjoyment with the $100 weekly cash prize she won on April 28! Doug M. in Portsmouth, Virginia, also won the $25 daily cash giveaway on April 28! That could come in handy for a fun happy hour with your buddies! Have a great time!

Congrats to everyone who won on GiantSweeps this month. Keep entering! We hope to be sending you an exciting winner email message soon and list your name on our Winners page along with so many other players who are winning money on GiantSweeps! You can also check your numbers on the Winning Numbers page to see if you’ve won, or how close you came. It’s always exciting playing GiantSweeps and completely free to play every day! Players have the choice to select their own numbers or try their luck with Quick Pick. Either way, it’s super fun and exciting to enter for chances to win $10 Million, $1 Million and $1,000, and takes very little time. We’ve made it really easy and fast to enter, so don’t miss out on any of your free daily chances to play to win some money! We’d be thrilled to send you a winner email notification, announce your win on the Winners page and tell all of our friends on Twitter that you’ve just added your name to our Winners list!

Feel free to follow TheRealGiantSweeps @realgiantsweeps on Twitter to keep up with the latest fun and don’t forget to invite your friends and family to play. We’re always happy to welcome new players and even more thrilled to announce new winners! Thanks for playing and good luck entering for your free chances to become a GiantSweeps Millionaire!