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March 2022 Winner Highlights

It’s always giant fun playing Giant-Sweeps whether you choose your own lucky numbers or let the game choose for you using the built-in Quick Pick feature. Just the thought of winning up to ten million dollars is certainly thrilling and it only takes a few minutes of having some free fun every day for the chance to win cash! On top of that, we give $100 to someone every week and $25 away every day just for playing Giant-Sweeps! Don’t forget, you can come back and check your numbers from the previous day to see if you’ve won, or how close you came to picking the winning numbers for each of our big cash prize games. Add to that, if you get a partial match, you just may win some cash anyway because that’s just how we roll!

Jolene R. hit a partial match in Game 2 on the very first day of the month and won $100 on March 1! That’s always a great incentive to keep playing. If you can partially match those winning numbers, you just may match them all the next time! And who can argue with a crisp Benjamin to spend on whatever you choose?! That’s a fun surprise and having $100 in your wallet could surely pay for something enjoyable like a delicious dinner for two at your favorite restaurant or perhaps you’ll get your hair done at your favorite salon and go out for a nice lunch afterwards with your bestie! Enjoy it, Jolene!

Christine S. in Olean, New York, added her name to the Winners list after she was chosen in the $25 daily cash drawing on March 7! That’s free cash you can use to pay for whatever you’d like, and winners also have the choice to collect their prize money as a check in the mail, a PayPal payment, or, if you just love to shop online, you can request an Amazon Gift Card when you reply to your winner email message. That’s always fun when you go to check out your shopping cart and you have gift card money to pay for your purchase!

Donna T. from Orlando, Florida, won the $100 weekly cash prize giveaway on March 9! That’s a fantastic email to receive so be sure when you login to our site you are logging in with your primary email address, or one which you can easily check on a daily basis. That’s the only way we can notify you if you win and how we arrange to send your prize payment absolutely free by whichever of the three easy methods you choose to collect it.

Bruce P. of Hiram, Ohio, chose to collect his prize money through PayPal after he won the $100 weekly cash giveaway on March 16, just in time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and maybe head down to your favorite local pub to meet up with your friends! You may even decide to buy everyone a round to share your winnings and wish everyone Sláinte, which is a toast meaning cheers and here’s to good health in the Gaelic tradition.

Ray T. from North Royalton, Ohio, also has an extra $100 on hand since he won the weekly cash prize drawing on March 23! That’s always a super fun email message to get and one of the many reasons you should always keep an eye on your inbox to make sure you are receiving our emails. If you win any of our cash prizes that’s precisely where we will contact you to let you know you’ve won and arrange to pay your prize money.

Kennedy M. in Durham, North Carolina, chose an Amazon Gift Card after winning the $25 daily cash prize drawing on March 29. We love shopping on Amazon as much as anyone, that’s why this is an option to collect your prize payment when you win! With so many hundreds of thousands of options, it’s always fantastic browsing around to see what you’d like to buy!

Vanessa R-W. from Dayton, Texas, also added her name to the weekly cash winners list since she won the $100 giveaway on March 30! That’s a fun surprise! Perhaps you’ll head to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients to cook up your family’s favorite dinner so you can enjoy celebrating together over a great meal. That’s a nice way to use some of your prize money and spend some quality time together!

Keep playing Giant-Sweeps every day so you don’t miss any chance to win. Our games are fun, fast and free so you’ve got nothing to lose and could very well end up a winner like so many other players have done. If you’re not already playing, be sure to get in the games today! With prizes as high as $10,000,000 you could win a life-changing amount of money just for having free fun every day!