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$1,000 Game 3 Winner - Donald D. Pensacola, Florida – July 13, 2021!

It turned out to be a giant lucky 13 day for Donald D. of Pensacola, Florida, when he chose all of the correct numbers and won a cool grand in Game 3 on July 13, 2021! That’s $1,000 Cash in your pocket free and clear. Woo Hoo! We’re super stoked and so glad to award you this large cash prize, Donald! There are so many amazing ways you can have fun enjoying all that money! Whether you put a down payment on a new car or apartment, pay off your bills, plan a vacation or just shop for things you’ll enjoy, having a cool grand to spend is no doubt exhilarating! That’s certainly one sweet chunk of change and we’re sure your friends and family will be super happy to hear you’re a lucky winner! Perhaps you’ll invite them over for a celebration get together and buy everything you need to have a fantastic barbecue. You could head to Publix and fill your shopping cart with everything that looks good to make sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy! You could even swing by the mall and pick up a new shirt to wear or perhaps an apron and chef’s hat to show everyone who the real grill master is! You might even treat yourself to some new barbecue tools or even a new grill if you need one! Walmart Supercenter has everything you would need, so you could just do one-stop shopping and buy everything in one place to save time. Having $1,000 to go on a shopping spree and just pick things out as you see them sure is a fun way to spend some of that prize money and we hope you enjoy every moment of being a winner no matter what you plan to do with it! Congrats and have fun, Donald. Thanks for playing GiantSweeps!

GiantSweeps is always 100% free to play every day with the chance to win up to $10 million! We notify our winners at the email address associated with the winning entry, so be sure to keep your contact info up to date in your free membership account! It’s also a good idea to add us to your trusted email contacts so there’s no chance of missing important news, like a giant cash prize win! Membership is completely free. There is no purchase or obligation ever required to play our free sweepstakes games every single day! Simply pick your lucky numbers for each game and enter to win! You can save your numbers if you have favorites you’d like to play again. You can also pick new numbers if you’d like to play different ones either by entering your own choices or using the Quick Pick feature. No matter which way you choose your lucky numbers, be sure to play every day so you don’t miss a single chance of becoming one of our next lucky winners. We’d be thrilled to add your name to the winner list and send you a Giant cash prize payment. Wishing all of our players the best of good luck at winning GiantSweeps!