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April 2022 Winner Highlights

It’s another fantastic month here at GiantSweeps and the start of Spring is always a great time to keep playing our free daily sweepstakes games for the chance to win cash prizes up to $10,000,000! It’s always fast and easy to choose your own lucky numbers or use Quick Pick and let the game select them for you. You can also save sets of numbers if you’d like to play them again. Some players like to play the same numbers over and over while others try their hand at new combinations. No matter which you prefer, be sure to visit daily and play whatever numbers you feel lucky about! One thing to keep in mind if you do stay logged in is to check to make sure the email you originally signed up with is the same one you still prefer to use so we don’t have any issue reaching you if you win!

Frank S. of Jonesborough, Tennessee, won the $25 Daily Giveaway on April 1! We give this cash away every single day and it’s easy to qualify for the chance to win. Simply login to our site, or just visit if you stay logged in. You can earn more entries when you play our free games. It’s always fun winning free money no matter what the amount is. With $25 you could head over to the local flea market to browse around and buy something nice for yourself or you could use it for a tasty meal at one of your favorite restaurants. You may even decide to order from Pizza Plus because that thin crust pie is certainly something unforgettable you may have a craving for. Enjoy it, Frank!

Sheila H. in Martin, Tennessee, also got some happy news when she was chosen in the $100 Weekly Giveaway on April 6! That’s a fantastic message to get and we hope it put a great big smile on your face when you saw it! Choosing PayPal is a great way to collect your prize money so you can enjoy spending it right from your account, like for shopping online or sending money to someone. Or you can transfer it to your bank to spend it from there, or withdraw the cash and put that crisp Benjamin right in your wallet! That could certainly make your next trip to The Warehouse Outlet Store extra fun with that cash in hand!

Lawrence L. in the City by The Bay, San Francisco, California, also added his name to the Winners page after he won the $25 Daily Cash. Now if you do want to head to Mel’s Diner for a bite to eat you can pay for it with your prize money. After all, no one in the city makes better cheese fries than Mel’s and no matter what else you order, those fries are the highlight of any meal day or night! Enjoy them for us, Lawrence!

Meg H. of Landsdale, Pennsylvania, also won the $100 Weekly Cash on April 13, so that was a Giant Lucky 13 day for sure! Seeing that check in the mail with your name printed on it is certainly an exciting moment! Now you have all that extra cash to spend on whatever you feel like using it for! Maybe you’ll check out the Amazon Fresh grocery store to pick up some ingredients for a fun family barbecue or fill your picnic basket and head to the park for a fun afternoon!

Susan G. from Bridgeton, New Jersey, added her name to the $25 Daily winners list on April 19. Now you can order your favorite Jersey tomato pie from the best pizza place you know and enjoy an evening off from cooking while you savor every bite. That’s one way we can think of that would be a great thing to spend your prize money on!

Jacqueline T. in Rochester, New York, also has $100 extra to spend since she won the Weekly Giveaway on April 27 and chose the Amazon Gift Card for her prize payment. That’s a great way to collect your prize money because everyone loves shopping on Amazon! There are so many things to choose from it’s mind boggling so whatever you’re looking to buy you’ve got great chances of finding it on Amazon! Enjoy it!

Misty K. of Flat Rock, Illinois, also won the $25 Daily Giveaway on April 30 and that’s a nice way to end the month! Perhaps you’ll make plans for Cinco de Mayo and head to the grocery store to pick up what you need to make homemade tacos with your own Pico de Gallo and savory black beans on the side. Or you might decide to order them from your favorite place in town! Enjoy it, whatever you end up spending your prize money on!

Congrats to all of our April 2022 winners. For a complete list head to the Winners page. Don’t forget, whenever you play, you can check the winning numbers the following day to see if you’ve matched all or some of them. Just be sure to keep an eye on your email for important messages from us. We wish all our players the best of good luck winning cash prizes on Giant-Sweeps!