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March 2023 Winner Highlights

GiantSweeps offers players free daily games for the chance to win some giant cash prizes! Drawings are held at midnight eastern each day, so be sure to play before that time. On top of that, we give $100 away to one player each week and $25 to someone every day. To qualify, simply login, which earns you entries, but playing will earn more entries. Then keep an eye on your email inbox! That’s where we’ll notify you if you win one of our cash prizes. You can also check the winning numbers from any prior day’s games by clicking on the link at the top of your screen. It’s exciting to see if you’ve matched them all, or how close you came. We also pay for partial matches, so there’s another way you can win some free cash!

Fred C. from Abbotsford, British Columbia, heads up this month’s list of $100 Weekly Winners after winning the cash prize drawing on March 1! That could be the start to a lucky winning streak! Plus, now you have about $135 Canadian dollars, since the conversation adds around $35 to your winnings! That’s giant great news as an added bonus to your winnings! That could pay for a relaxing dinner for two at Restaurant 62, where you can get locally sourced menu options paired with a great wine! You might want to save room for dessert as well since they have an impressive selection! That’s one idea of many ways you can spend your prize money and we hope you enjoy yourself in a giant way!

John F. in Bladensburg, Maryland, added his name to Winners Way after he won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on March 7! That’s free money you can spend freely on whatever you choose. You could kick back and order your favorite pizza delivery for a family movie night or head to your favorite place for Happy Hour to meet up with your friends. You could also head to Dolly P’s Hang Out Restaurant to relax and enjoy one of those five-star meals we hear reviewers raving about and take your time eating, because everyone is encouraged to stay and hang out!

Steve R. of Colton, California, put $100 in his Amazon account after winning the Weekly Cash Giveaway on March 14. That’s one of the three ways winners can collect their prize money, which is also available by check or PayPal. Amazon is such a great site to shop on since you can find virtually anything you can think of! Once you select your items, it’s giant fun to have gift card money to cover the cost! That’s the best way to shop and we hope you enjoy deciding what to buy!

Judith R. from Crossville, Tennessee, also has some cash on hand since winning the $100 Weekly Giveaway on March 22! That may have come at just the right time for planning a birthday party for a family member. Now you can get what you need to host a fabulous celebration with a fabulous layer cake, balloons, gifts and decorations, if that’s something you were thinking of doing. Having prize money sure does make it a whole lot easier!

Susan W. in Pensacola, Florida, also has some extra spending money since she won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on March 24! Maybe you’ll head to the deli to fill up your cooler so you can relax and enjoy a day at the beach with your family. Somehow, a sandwich always tastes better when you’re enjoying dipping your toes in the sand and taking in a nice breeze off the bay or the gulf!

Christopher K. of Albemarle, North Carolina, rounds out this month’s list of $100 Weekly Cash Winners after he won the prize drawing on March 29! That sure is giant great news to find in your email and we hope it put a giant smile on your face when you read it! Maybe you’ll head downtown to do some shopping and have a bite to eat at Goody Shop Café, where we hear the service and friendly people are as great as the homemade food!

Congrats to each of this month’s lucky winners! We hope you all have giant fun with your prize money and keep playing to win more with GiantSweeps!