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October 2023 Winner Highlights

It’s always Giant Fun playing our free daily sweepstakes games. After all, it only takes a few moments of your day for the chance to win up to Ten Million Dollars completely free! On top of the free games, we also have daily and weekly cash giveaways. Earning entries is as simple as logging in and playing! Then just keep a watch on your email inbox for messages from us! It’s that easy to win free money with Giant-Sweeps!

Michael M. in Port Neches, Texas, starts off this month’s list of $100 Weekly Cash Winners since he entry was chosen on October 4! That sure is Giant great news to see in your email! Perhaps you’ll invite your special someone out to dinner at Neches River Wheelhouse to enjoy a wonderful seafood dinner with a spectacular water view to watch the ships and fishing boats pass by! We hear the food and service are exceptional and you might even go when they have live music on the deck! That could be one fun way to eat, drink and dance the night away!

Cecilia M. from San Leandro, California, landed on Winners Way after she won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on October 9! That could be perfect timing to buy a big bag of Halloween candy to had out to the kids this year. You might even decide to step things up and take a drive over to the Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Factory Outlet to indulge in that incredible chocolate goodness and take some home for others! Now that’s what we call a real sweet San Francisco treat!

Don C. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, might be heading out to have some fun with the $100 Weekly Cash Prize he won on October 11! Perhaps you’ll meet up with your buddies at 4th Base Tavern to watch the game and check out the Chalkboard Specials of the day. Or you may have your favorite go to menu item, like the Shaved Steak Sandwich, or the ever so indulgent 1/2 Pound Bacon Cheeseburger with the works that include sauteed onions, mushrooms, and peppers and a side of homemade fries or onion rings. You may want to get in the game after consuming all of those incredibly delicious calories!

John W. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, might be heading out to his favorite place to get a cheesesteak with his best buddy. That’s one way to enjoy the $25 Daily Cash Prize he won on October 20! After all, there’s no better place for a cheesesteak than Philly and we’re sure you must have your go to, like Geno’s, Pat’s or John’s. Everyone has differing opinions about which is truly the best, but you could try a few different ones to see what you think now that you have some extra cash on hand!

Barbara J. in Red Springs, North Carolina, might be making holiday plans to have everyone over for a feast like dinner since she won the $100 Weekly Cash Prize on October 25! That could be the perfect timing to start planning your menu and stocking up on baking supplies to make your famous pies everyone always raves about! You might even head over to the craft store to buy what you need to create a festive table with a cornucopia of fall harvest themed decorations. We hope you have a Giant great time deciding how to enjoy your prize money, Barbara!

Vivian H. from Nashville, Tennessee, might be heading out to see some live music now that she’s got the $25 Daily Cash Prize in her wallet after winning the October 30 drawing. That could be perfect timing to see your favorite band all decked out in their Halloween best!

Congrats to all the winners this month! Keep playing Giant-Sweeps to win real cash prizes! We hope to see you on Winners Way soon with a Giant cash prize next to your name!