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January 2023 Winner Highlights

It’s a new year and we hope you’re having giant fun ringing it in and playing our free daily games to win free money! Our games are open all year long, 24 hours every day, for the chance to win up to ten million dollars. On top of that, we give $100 away to one player each week and $25 to someone daily! It’s fast, fun and easy to play for your chance to win! In fact, just by logging in we’ll give you free entries into the weekly and daily cash giveaways. But you can earn more chances by playing! That certainly qualifies as a giant win-win!

Michael E. of Burlington Township, New Jersey, was our very first daily winner on January 1, after he won the $25 Daily Cash Prize drawing. That’s a nice sum of pocket money you can spend freely on whatever you feel like! Maybe you’ll head to Walmart to do your regular shopping and pick up a special treat with your prize money. Or you might take a friend out to lunch and meet up at Eddington House to watch the game over a couple of burgers with fries and a cold drink. We hope you have a giant great time, no matter what your plans are!

Todd M. in Findlay, Ohio, put a crisp $100 in his wallet after winning the weekly giveaway on January 4! That’s like getting cash back on all your holiday spending because, let’s face it, we always spend more than we intend to! Or maybe you have something lingering on your own wish list and now you’ll just go ahead and buy it for yourself! That’s a giant awesome treat no matter what you’re wishing for! Or you may decide to head downtown to take your better half out for a nice dinner at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. With so many comfort food classics and home made desserts, you’ll probably want to walk around town afterwards to burn off some of those delicious calories!

Laura C. from Virginia Beach, Virginia, also added her name to the $25 Daily Winners list after she won the drawing on January 11! There’s so much to do in your hometown, there’s certainly no shortage of choices for fun! You might take the kids to the Aquarium because that’s always mesmerizing no matter how young or old they are. On the way home you could stop in at Amici’s for a hot pizza to round out your fun day! That will certainly give the kids something to talk about with their friends at school when the teacher asks how everyone’s weekend was!

Cindy W. in Rainbow City, Alabama, also has some extra cash on hand since winning the $100 Weekly Giveaway on January 11! That’s a fun surprise to open in your email, and choosing PayPal is a fast way to get your prize payment. From there you can spend it any way you choose! That could mean a fun trip to the Gadsden Mall to scout out something exciting to buy. Plus, it’s a fantastic time of year to hit those January clearance sales to get even more with your prize money!

Rodney W. of Lincoln, Nebraska, also has $100 to spend as he sees fit since he won the weekly cash prize drawing on January 18! That could certainly help if you’re planning to host Superbowl Sunday at your house! You could head to Costco to pick up some party platters, chips and dips and not have to dip into your paycheck to pay for it! That’s the fun of winning. It’s free money you can spend freely!

Anselmo C. from Renton, Washington, is an avid player. We know he’s been on winner’s lists quite a number of times and now he’s added a $25 Daily Cash Prize to his repertoire after winning the January 25 drawing. Congrats, Anselmo! We hope you have fun with some extra cash to spend! Maybe you’ll head to your favorite lunch spot to meet up with an old friend and then you can tell them all about the free sweepstakes games you’ve been playing and winning!

Leilani L. in Hauula, Hawaii, hit a Partial Match in Game 2 on January 31, and walked away $100 richer! Yes, we do pay for partial matches so you can feel good about coming so close. Maybe next time you’ll choose all of the winning numbers and that would definitely be a life changing moment! But winning $100 is still thrilling because who doesn’t want free cash?! Living in paradise with extra money to spend is sure to afford you something special like taking a friend to see a show at the Polynesian Cultural Center. That sounds fun!

Giant congrats to all the January winners. We’re delighted to see so many new names on the Winners Way list this month! Be sure to keep playing and remember you can choose your own lucky numbers or use Quick Pick and let the game choose them for you. Either way, if you’re feeling partial to a certain set, you can save them to play again by choosing Use Faves the next time you play. You can also check the winning numbers the next day to see if you’ve matched them, or how close you came to winning a giant cash prize! We wish all of our players Giant Good Luck playing to win Giant-Sweeps!