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February 2022 Winner Highlights

It’s been a giant fun month for our players and many of you have won some money in the process! It’s always great to get that winner email letting you know you’ve got some free cash coming your way. No matter how much it is, it doesn't cost anything to play our daily lottery style games, so any win is complete profit. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Keep in mind, we give $100 away every week to one lucky player, and $25 daily, so be sure to watch for emails from us! You can also check your numbers against the winning numbers to see if you’ve won a giant cash prize, or how close you were to choosing all of those numbers correctly! We also pay out for partial matches so, even if you don’t get them all, you could still win some money!

Stan F. in Lenoir, North Carolina, heads up this month’s $25 daily cash winners after he was chosen in the February 1 drawing! Perhaps you’ll head to your favorite café and grab a bite for lunch with a friend. That’s a nice way to catch up and enjoy a delicious meal together!

Roger W. from Moreno Valley, California, is $100 richer since he won the weekly cash drawing on February 2, just in time to make plans for Valentine's Day and maybe surprise your better half with dinner reservations at a nice place in town. With all the choices of family and homestyle cuisine, you’re sure to find something delicious to enjoy together!

Bryce B. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, got a pleasant surprise when she hit a partial match in Game 2 on February 8 and won $100! That’s always fun and now you have some extra cash to head over to the Outlet Stores if you’d like to browse around and buy yourself something special with your prize money! Enjoy it!

Bradley W. in South Beloit, Illinois, also made it to the Winners List this month when he won the $100 weekly giveaway on February 9! That could come in handy for your next shopping trip to Walmart so you can cross some things off your shopping list courtesy of Giant-Sweeps! Shopping is always better when you have prize money in your hand!

Nancy P. from Brooklyn, New York, also won the $100 Weekly Cash on February 23! Maybe now you’ll celebrate and take someone special to Sheepshead Bay for a great meal at Randazzos. After all you just can’t beat that unbelievably delicious tomato sauce and who can resist their clam chowder or an order of their famous baked clams or fried calamari, and how about that broiled fillet? There’s a good reason they’ve been in business since 1932! No matter what you choose from the menu, you’ll no doubt leave feeling fully satisfied and looking forward to going back again!

William B. in Dahlonega, Georgia, also made it to the Winners List this month after winning the $25 daily cash drawing on February 28. It’s always great having extra money heading into a new month. Perhaps you’ll use it to put some extra gas in your car, because who couldn’t use extra gas money these days?

Don’t forget to keep playing our free games every day for the chance to win cash prizes. It’s fast, fun, totally free and you could wake up one morning a millionaire! So, be sure to get in the games and keep playing every day so you don’t miss any opportunities to become our next big winner.

You can choose your own lucky sets of numbers or use our built in Quick Pick feature. If you’re partial to certain numbers, you can also save them to play again by clicking on Save Picks and then Use Faves the next time you want to play those numbers again.

Just be sure to login with the email address you can easily be reached at. If you win, that’s precisely where we will contact you to arrange to pay your prize money, completely free of charge of course!