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July 2022 Winner Highlights

Summertime is a great time to play games and the good news is that you can play Giant-Sweeps in summer or at any time of year! We’re available online every day for the chance to play free sweepstakes games to win real cash prizes! Plus, we give $100 away to someone each week and $25 to someone every day. The only thing you need to do to qualify is login to the site to earn entries, but the more you play our free games, the more entries you can earn to possibly become one of our weekly or daily cash winners!

Estella E. of Lubbock, Texas, heads up this month’s list of $100 Weekly Cash winners after she won the prize drawing on July 6! That sure is great news to see in your inbox and extra cash can always come in handy, no matter how you want to spend it! You could put it towards your weekly groceries or monthly bills, or maybe you’ll celebrate and go out to dinner at The Shack BBQ so you can enjoy a delicious meal while listening to a local band at one of their outdoor tables which is a fun way to spend a summer evening!

Mark N. from Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, got a pleasant surprise after he won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on July 11! Winning free money is always great since you can spend it on whatever you need extra cash for. That could be gas in your car, lunch money, or perhaps you’ll do some online shopping and pick out something new like a pair of ear buds so you can whistle to your favorite tunes while you’re out riding your bike or whatever else you like to do!

Barbara M. in Glen Allen, Virginia, was also surprised when she got an email saying she won the $100 Weekly Cash Giveaway on July 13. Lucky day! That could have come at just the right time to head to Target with your shopping list in hand so you can start checking things off as you put them in your cart, knowing you have your prize money to pay at the register! That’s always the best way to go shopping!

James T. up in Seabeck, Washington, also has $25 extra in his wallet after winning the Daily Cash drawing on July 18! That could pay for a delicious meal at Smokin’ Robinsons Café or maybe you’ll pick up a hot pie from Seabeck Pizza and head to the beach to enjoy it with a friend. Surely the seagulls won’t mind if you don’t eat all the crust!

Donna R. of Columbus, Georgia, also added her name to the Winners page this month after she won the $100 Weekly Cash on July 20! That can certainly make your next trip to Walmart a whole lot more fun no matter what you need to buy! You could even save it for Back to School shopping if you need supplies or new clothes for the kiddos.

Kenneth B. from Oak Creek, Wisconsin, tops off this month’s list of weekly winners after he won the $100 Prize Drawing on July 27! That’s a fun cash prize to win and maybe you’ll use some of it to buy your dog a new toy so you can have even more fun at the dog park! Who knows, you may even swing by your favorite drive-thru on the way home to enjoy a burger with your furry buddy. Dog’s are always in awe when someone hands food through the car window! Have fun Kenneth!

Congrats to all the July winners! For the complete list check out the Winners page. We hope everyone enjoys their prize money and all of our players continue to have fun playing our free daily games for the chance to win cash too!

It’s exciting to play for the chance to win up to $10,000,000 and it’s so easy to do just that by choosing your own numbers or letting the game choose for you with the built-in Quick Pick option. If you are partial to a certain set of numbers you can save them to play again! Just click on Save Picks and the next time you play you can simply click on Use Faves. You just never know what that winning combination will be but it sure is fun playing to see if you can get the correct numbers in any of our free games to win the cash prizes of $10 million, $1 million or one thousand dollars. Just be sure you are logged in with the best email address you can be reached at so, if you win, we can contact you directly!