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March 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s another fun and exciting month here at GiantSweeps! We know our winners certainly think so! We’ve been giving away $25 every single day to one lucky person just for logging in and/or playing our free sweepstakes games! Be sure to login to GiantSweeps with your real email address. If you’re chosen as one of our lucky winners, we’ll send you a winner email notification at the email address associated with your login. If, for some reason, you change your primary email address, don’t forget to update it so we can reach you with exciting news, like a cash prize win! Simply logout and login again using the updated email so we know where to reach you.

Glenn E. of The Colony, Texas, starts off this month’s list of lucky $25 Daily Cash Prize Winners after receiving that exciting message on March 1! Keep in mind, we offer three easy choices of how to collect your prize money if you win. You can certainly choose an Amazon Gift Card to easily go shopping with that cash prize! We also offer the choice of a check in the mail or a PayPal payment. Our winners always have those options. Just let us know when you reply to your winner notification which payment method you’d prefer and your prize payment will be on its way to you! Virginia O. in West Palm Beach, Florida, has a cool $100 to spend on anything she wants, since she’s our weekly $100 Cash Prize Winner for March 3! That could certainly come in handy for a relaxing shopping trip to Rosemary Square and maybe a delicious vegan lunch at Planta! Enjoy it! Christina H. in Bluffton, South Carolina, also has some cash to spend on something fun since she’s our March 4 $25 Daily Cash Prize Giveaway Winner! Merida C. in Calgary Alberta, Canada, also won the $25 Daily Giveaway on March 6! That equates to more than $31 Canadian Dollars so there’s a nice little bonus to your cash prize! Jalila O. in Moreno Valley, California, also won the $25 Daily Giveaway on March 7. Pam R. in Tupelo, Mississippi, won the $25 Daily Giveaway and Ronald J. in East Palatka, Florida, won our $100 Weekly Cash Prize on March 10. We give $100 away to one lucky player just for logging in or entering any of our fantastic cash giveaways, so keep coming back and you could win next! Sven P. sure had a lucky March 17 when he won the $100 weekly cash and Susanna S. from Monrovia, Maryland, won the following week on March 24! Mark M. rounds out our $100 Weekly Cash winners since he won on the last day of the month, March 31. Congrats to all of this month’s lucky winners. For a complete list please visit our Winners page.

Keep entering GiantSweeps and keep an eye out for email messages from us. If you win, we’ll notify you at the email address connected to the winning entry, so be sure to use your real and main email and enter it correctly when you login to our site! You can also stay connected with us on social media, so feel free to visit us on Twitter and drop a comment or retweet our posts to share the excitement with your friends!