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Giant-Sweeps – Why You Should Whitelist Us!

Your email address may seem insignificant in the scheme of things, but nothing could be further from the truth. As you play our Giant-Sweeps daily games, the entries you submit are registered in our system according to the email address you provided when you signed up for your free Giant-Sweeps membership.

Every time you play, your entries are recorded by your registered email address. We do encourage our members to check their email every day for important reminders and winner notifications. Most email platforms are fairly reliable. There are times; however, when an email may inadvertently land in a spam, bulk mail or trash folders.

We want to be certain we can reach our members and that you don’t miss any email messages from Giant-Sweeps. So, we offer the following tips to make certain you never miss any important notifications from us:

1- Be sure to add [email protected] to your email contacts. This will ensure your email service knows you do, in fact, want to receive our email messages. If you do ever find one of our messages in your spam folder, be sure to mark it “not spam.” This will do two things: first it will move the message to your inbox where it belongs and, second, it will let your email provider know it was marked as spam in error.

2- To make this even more fail-safe, go ahead and send us a message to: [email protected]. This will alert your email service that you do, in fact, want to easily communicate with Giant-Sweeps via email. It will also let them know you want no interference of messages going into spam or being categorized as bulk or unsolicited promotions.

3- There are certain email providers who are notorious for blocking or diverting email messages that are wanted. If you have an email address through your cable company, for example, they may divert important messages in order to save money in processing them through their mail server system. For this reason, we recommend you sign up with a web-based email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Mail.com. These email services are free and easy to login to from any device, such as your laptop, tablet or phone.

4- Once you sign up for a new email account, be sure to stay logged in on your device so you can easily access your email. Also, remember to add us to your contacts or send us a message. Email providers, such as Gmail, will automatically add a recipient to your contacts just by sending an email. Gmail also categorizes messages and will even mark something important if they see regular or frequent messages being responded to. If you find you are missing a message, make sure it’s not ending up in the promotions or social categories, which are accessible by tabs at the top of your screen in Gmail. If it does, you can move it to your inbox from there. That should alert Gmail it was miscategorized.

5- Another important factor to remember, is to click through any email you receive from us. We’ll send out reminders to play our daily games, any news or info on things like new games we’re adding and, of course, winner email notifications. Just respond by clicking on whatever the message is asking you to do. Your email server will note the interaction and there’s less likely a chance that our messages will end up in spam or bulk mail.

6- If you’re uncertain how to add a contact to your email address book, it’s usually fairly simple. In Gmail, for example, when you receive a message, just hover over the sender’s address and you should see a “add to contacts” option on the lower left of the pop-up window. If you’re uncertain about how to add a contact to the email account you are using, it’s easy enough to consult the help files or just Google it. You should see results and possibly even discussions from other users to assist you.

The most important point of all of this is that you don’t miss any important messages from Giant-Sweeps. We want to be sure we can contact you, especially if you win a cash prize from us.  So, just remember the two main important points: click through any messages you receive from us and make sure we are in your trusted contacts. This will ensure you receive all of our email messages and that you won’t miss any prize notifications, news or other important things we need to tell you about.