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April 2023 Winner Highlights

When you need to take a break from your hectic day and want to relax and have some free fun, GiantSweeps will never let you down. Our site is always open waiting for your visit so you can play free sweepstakes games for the chance to win cash prizes as high as $10,000,000! It’s fast, easy and totally free so there’s never anything to lose and you can enjoy playing every day if you want to!

On top of the chance to win large sums of money, we also give away $100 to one player each week and $25 to someone every day! That’s free money you can use for whatever you decide. Winners are notified at the email address they login with, so be sure to keep any eye out for email messages from us! If you receive a daily or weekly cash prize winner notice, you can choose to be paid by check in the mail, PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card. Just be sure to reply and select one of those options.

Francisco S. from the Bronx, New York, won the $25 Daily Giveaway on April 1, and chose PayPal which is a great way to get paid fast right into your account. From there you can use it to shop online, send money to someone, or transfer it to your bank account to spend from there or take the cash out and put it in your pocket! That could mean some extra grocery items on your next trip to Stop and Shop, or maybe you’ll decide to go out for a tasty lunch at your favorite go to place for Mexican, Greek, Italian, Asian, Turkish, or whatever flavors you’re in the mood for! Enjoy it, Francisco!

David H. in Clarinda, Iowa, heads up this month’s list of $100 Weekly Cash Winners after he won the weekly drawing on April 5! That sure is giant great news to find in your email inbox! David chose an Amazon Gift Card and that’s a fantastic option for those who love to shop online for pretty much anything! It sure is fantastic to pick out whatever you want and when you check out your shopping cart your gift card money is there to cover it!

Wanda J. of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, added her name to the $25 Daily Winners list after winning the prize drawing on April 10! Wanda chose to receive a check in the mail because, hey, who doesn’t like to get a check with their name on it after winning free money?! That could go towards your weekly expenses like groceries or gas in your car. Or perhaps you’ll treat yourself to a nice lunch at one of the places along the lake front so you can enjoy a great view while you relax over a great meal! You could also head to the Pour House for one of those mouthwatering sandwiches and a pint of your favorite brew and treat a friend or family member so you can toast to being a winner! Have fun, Wanda!

Lawrence R. from Rockville, Maryland, also landed on the $100 Weekly Winners list when he won the April 12 prize drawing! It sure is giant fun to find out you have some free money with your name on it! Now with an extra Benjamin in your wallet, you might head to Target to do some shopping or stop by Whole Foods to pick up some special ingredients so you can invite everyone over for a fun family barbecue. That’s always a nice way to enjoy your winnings and have a great time with your favorite people!

DeAnna W. in Waco, Texas, also has some extra spending money since she won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on April 16! That could be a good reason to head to Magnolia Market to enjoy the day browsing the shops, having a tasty lunch and perhaps bringing home a nice treat for your family from the delicious bakery. Who knows, you might even catch a sighting of Chip and Joanna Gaines while you’re there, which is always exciting if you’re a fan of their television show Fixer Upper, which is where it all started! Now that they’ve grown into an empire, you can catch other up and coming shows on the Magnolia network since they now own their own television network too!

Evelyn J. of College Station, Texas, also has some spending money since she won the $100 Weekly Cash Giveaway on April 19! That sure is giant great news to get and we’re glad you opened your email and didn’t miss it! Now maybe you’ll add some items to your Costco shopping list so you can stock up on the things your family uses the most. You may even invite a friend to meet you at Willies Grill to enjoy a nice leisurely lunch on the patio so you can catch up with each other and tell them your good news too!

Giant congratulations to all of this month’s lucky winners! Be sure to come back daily for the chance to win cash prizes! Our games are easy to play by choosing your own numbers or letting the game select them for you with the Quick Pick feature. You can also save your numbers and replay them by clicking on Use Faves. No matter which way you choose your sets of numbers, we wish everyone giant good luck winning Giant-Sweeps!