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Giant-Sweeps Partner Sites You May Want to Check Out!

Giant-Sweeps partner sweepstakes sites are just like Giant-Sweeps and are also 100% free to join and play to win every day. There are no gimmicks or catches. We never ask for any purchase or obligation of any kind. We only ask that when you join our free memberships, you sign up with an email address that you check frequently so we can notify you of a winning prize. We’ll remind you to enter and inform you of any other exciting news, like if we add another new and fun way to win our free daily games. We also encourage you to invite your friends to enter and play - and Like and Share us on Facebook and other social media platforms so everyone can join in the fun!

Winloot.com is our favorite partner site.  It’s among a group partner sites full of fun and rewarding adventures you’ll have when you play our free daily games on each of these sites. Winloot offers thirty daily games with daily $250 cash winners every single day. Winloot’s Grand Prizes include a whopping $10,000,000 as well as $1,000,000, $100,000, $50,000 and $25,000 games, which are always free to play. Winloot also offers a $5,000 instant-win sweepstakes with multiple chances to win every time you play the daily games. In addition, Winloot offers $500 and $100 instant win games every day, which you’ll come across during the course of playing through the other games, sort of like finding a hidden treasure box! While you play all of our Winloot games, you’ll earn tokens which you can use to enter for Winloot bonus prizes including all sorts of electronics, cash, gift cards, appliances and more! So, be sure to check it out. Winloot has had 72,000 winners to date and the list continues to grow each day. It’s fast, super easy, and always 100% free with no gimmicks or pressure to buy anything, watch anything or search for anything - at any time!

Now, if that’s not exciting enough, you’ll want to check out a chance to win $500 a day for Life! Do the math on that one and start shopping for your new easy chair to sit back and relax in! RewardIt is another sister site which gives you an incredible 15 chances a day to win this and other fantastic prizes. $500 a day is equal to an annual salary of over $180,000. We’re pretty sure that would be a life-changing experience for anyone! Add to that, RewardIt also gives 20 chances to win cash prizes ranging from $100 all the way up to $50,000 with instant win games! There are 15 different games to play and you can store and play your lucky numbers or choose new numbers each day. You can also use Quick Picks for any of the daily games. While you’re playing, you’ll earn Rbux, which you can use to enter for additional chances to win. Just remember, Rbux need to be used the day they’re earned, so be sure to use them to enter before you jet off to another one of our fantastic sites!

PrizeCraze.com is another fun and rewarding sister site which gives you 5 to 10 entries per day to win amazing prizes. Plus, one lucky winner is guaranteed $25 every single day! $25 could certainly come in handy for your morning coffee, or a quick lunch at your favorite drive-thru, for a week or longer. Prize Craze also offers other fun prizes you can choose to enter to win. Just choose the prize you want to win and click to enter. It’s that easy! Prize Craze gives away Amazon Gift Cards, Computers, Smart TVs, crazy amounts of cash and more! You can also earn Craze Coins as you play and use them to enter for even more chances to win the prizes you have your eye on! If you could use an extra grand in your bank account, be sure to click on the $1,000 cash prize every day. Someone is going to win, so why not you? The key is to keep entering to win the prizes you want. It’s so fast and simple, you’ll breeze through it in no time, and very well may become a lucky winner among the many others.

UWinIt is just like the name says! This is another 100% free site with tons of amazing prizes and no gimmicks. Prizes go anywhere from a $10 iTunes gift card all the way up to $5,000 cash. In between there are chances to win Target and Amazon gift cards, home electronics, computers, tablets and more! Just pick the game you want to win and claim all of your entries for each day. You’ll probably be so excited when you see the selection of prize offerings, you’ll no doubt enter for all of them! UWinIt has as least two winners every single day. But don’t take our word for it, check out the Winner’s Circle page to see just how many awesome prizes are being won by our amazing dedicated members. You’ll be scrolling for a while when you see how many winners there are!

So, we hope you visit all of these sites and remember to enter Giant-Sweeps and all of our partner sites every day. There are so many things in life that don’t come with a guarantee – but our sites have guaranteed winners every day, every week and every month. Be sure to claim all of your chances because every one of us in this family of Sweepstakes sites love what we do – awarding cash and fabulous prizes to wonderful people just like you! Enjoy all of the free games and we wish you the best of good luck!