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New $1,000 Daily Draw Sweepstakes

If you've been playing Giant-Sweeps since we launched, you may have noticed a small change in the site recently.  That is because we decided to add one additional chance to win each day.  While keeping Giant-Sweeps super fast and easy to play, we just gave loyal players like yourself an extra chance at a $1,000 cash award.  You'll find this game immediately after completing your $10,000,000 sweepstakes entry.  

To get entered into the new $1,000 cash sweepstakes, simply choose five (5) of fifty (50) numbers, or of course use the quick picks button if you prefer.  Upon completing your entry you'll receive additional entries into the $100 weekly and $25 daily giveways as well.  Not too shaby.  We know our users love the fact that they can play Giant-Sweeps super quickly and easily and this will still be the case.  We just want more winners and know adding new giveaways will help.

Keep on the lookout for additional bonus giveaways mentioned in emails and on the site.  You never know what you'll find next.  In fact, Maria R. of Brooklyn, New York recently took home a bonus $250 cash prize from one of these extra giveaways. 

Remember that you can play all three games seven days a week and that the more entries you submit, the more chances you'll have for our daily and weekly awards in addition to the daily drawing giveaways like $1,000, $1 million and $10 million.  While it is possible to win with just a single entry, why not max out your chances each day.  Playing is 100% free, easy and fast.  You can enter from almost anywhere.  Play on your smartphone, computer or tablet...  whatever is most convenient for you.  Good luck and thanks so much for playing Giant-Sweeps!