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August 2023 Winner Highlights

The last full month of summer can be chock filled with giant fun things to do, and that includes playing Giant-Sweeps every day to win cash prizes up to ten million dollars! It’s always free to play and you can also qualify for our daily and weekly cash prizes just by logging in to the site. But if you want more entries for those giveaways, play the games too. You never know when you might hit that winning combination of numbers and land a giant cash prize award!

Just be sure to login with an email address you stay on top of. If you win, that’s where we will notify you so we can pay your prize money. We have a number of lucky winners this month who have yet to reply to collect their winnings. We know they played, or they could not have won. So, please take a moment to check your login email and verify that’s it’s the best contact you have so we can easily get in touch with you and pay you if and when you win any of Giant-Sweeps free cash prizes!

Jackie A. of Togo, Minnesota, won the $25 Daily Cash Prize drawing on August 1, and is among those who have yet to reply to their winner email message. That’s a missed opportunity to collect free prize money. We do reach out quite a number of times but since the email you login with is the only way we can contact you, if you don’t check it you won’t see that we’ve been trying to reach you to give you the free money that you won!

Kishore R. starts of this month’s list of $100 Weekly Cash Winners after winning the drawing on August 2. That’s free money in your pocket to use on anything you want to! You might decide to reserve a table for two at your favorite restaurant, or get tickets to a concert to see a band you’ve always wanted to see perform live. That is, if you reply to your winner email to collect it. We’re still waiting for a response from you as well.

Jason T. in Waterloo, Iowa, has some extra spending money this month since he won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on August 6 and did in fact reply and collect it! That could be a great reason to meet your buddies for happy hour after work and maybe shoot a few rounds of pool or play some darts and have a bite to eat too.

Blake G. from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, also got a giant fun surprise in his email after winning the $100 Weekly Cash Prize drawing on August 9! Blake chose PayPal to collect his prize money and that’s a great way to get paid electronically so you can be on your way to doing something you enjoy! You might decide to take your better half out for a great time and good food at Wooly’s Celtic Pub. There’s nothing like authentic fish and chips with a cold pint to wash it down. Or perhaps you’ll try the Shepherd’s pie. Everything looks off the charts delicious!

Elmer W. of Leoma, Tennessee, got some good news in his email after winning the $25 Daily Cash drawing on August 16! Maybe you’ll spend it on a tasty lunch for two at Rick’s Barbecue. We hear it’s the best place in town if you don’t want to do all that grilling yourself. With reasonable prices you can easily order whatever you want to eat and still have money left to take some food home too!

Kimberly G. in Syracuse, New York, also got some winner news in her email after she won the $25 Daily Cash on August 18! Kimberly chose an Amazon Gift Card to collect her winnings and that’s a fantastic way to enjoy it shopping for whatever you want to buy. With so many thousands of choices on Amazon, you’re sure to find just what you want, or perhaps discover something new while you’re browsing around.

Annie G. from Cumming, Georgia, added some cash to her PayPal account when she chose that method to collect the $100 Weekly Cash Prize she won on August 23! That’s a great feeling when you get a notification saying you just received your prize money! From there all you have to do is decide what you want to spend it on! That could be your weekly groceries, one of your monthly bills, or perhaps you’ll just enjoy going out to do some shopping or have a nice dinner at Tam’s Back Stage, where the historic ambiance pairs well with the fine food and spirits!

The end of the month turned out to be super exciting when two players each hit $100 cash prizes with Game 2 partial match wins! Congratulations to Myro A. of Whittier, California, on his August 30 win, and Armond S. from Edmond, Oklahoma, on his August 31 win! That’s giant great news and we hope you keep playing because the next time could be a full match to win that giant cash prize of a whopping $10,000,000!

We hope everyone continues to have a giant great time playing our free daily sweepstakes games! Be sure to login with an email you can easily be reached at, so you don’t miss any giant great news like some prize money coming your way from Giant-Sweeps!