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November 2022 Winner Highlights

It’s always giant fun playing our free daily sweepstakes games for the chance to win real cash prizes as high as ten million dollars! It’s fast and easy to choose your numbers in our games, or use Quick Pick and let the game decide for you. No matter how you play, you can come back every day for more chances to win. Add to that, we give $100 away to someone every week, and $25 every day! That’s free cash money just for visiting our site, logging in and, to earn more free entries just play the easy games! Just be sure to login with your preferred email address because that’s how we’ll let you know if you’ve won any of our free giveaways! You can also check the numbers from the following day to see if you’ve matched them all or how close you got. We also pay for partial matches, so that’s another giant cool feature of playing our free daily games!

Tim M. of Jensen Beach, Florida, put some cash in his pocket after winning our $25 Daily Giveaway on November 2! That could buy a nice lunch for two at Jan’s Place or perhaps you’ll decide to go for Sunday Brunch. Or you might just stop in and bring home a box of those delightful pastries so everyone can enjoy them. That would be a nice treat and a great way to share your winnings!

Jenny A. in Plainfield, Indiana, has some extra shopping money to get ready for the holiday season since she won the $100 Weekly Cash on November 2! It’s always giant great news to find a winner email in your inbox and we hope you have a giant great time having that extra cash to spend on whatever you need!

Bethina S. from Kansas City, Kansas, won the $100 Weekly Cash on November 9, just in time to start her holiday baking plans. That could most definitely come in handy to stock up on everything you need to make those delicious pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, or whatever your favorites are! We’re sure everyone in your household will be glad you won if you decide to spend your prize money that way!

Mary Ann W. of Conway, South Carolina, hit a $100 Partial Match in Game 2 on November 11! That’s pretty exciting and, who knows, you could hit all of the winning numbers next time for the giant $10 Million Cash Prize! Now you can celebrate going into the holidays with some extra cash on hand for groceries, gifts, decorations, or whatever you need!

Julie D. in Springfield, Vermont, may be heading downtown to meet her friends for dinner at Sheri’s Place since she has an extra $25 in her bank account after winning the Daily Cash Giveaway and choosing PayPal to collect her prize money. After all, if you don’t feel like cooking, Sheri’s is the next best thing since everything has that home cooked flavor as if you made it yourself!

Frances T. from Vanrynsdorp, South Africa, also has a great reason to celebrate, and do some shopping too, since she won the $100 Weekly Cash on November 16, and chose an Amazon Gift Card as her prize payment. Everyone loves shopping on Amazon but’s it’s always way better when you check out your cart with gift card money to cover your purchases!

Toni K. of Brookings, Oregon, also hit a Partial Match in Game 2 on November 27 and scored a $100 Cash Prize, just in time for Cyber Monday and all the holiday sales going on! Whether you shop online or hit your favorite shops in town, having extra cash during holiday shopping is always so much nicer!

Linda J. in Braeside, Ontario, Canada, also has some extra shopping money if that’s how she chooses to spend it since she won the last $100 Weekly Giveaway of November on the 30th of the month. That’s certainly a giant fantastic way to head into the month of December to get your holiday spirit into high gear! Now you can attend the tree lighting and perhaps go out to eat with your family, or maybe you’ll decide to add your own name to your nice list and pick out a giant great gift for yourself to enjoy your prize money even more!

Keep playing Giant Sweeps for the chance to win Giant Cash Prizes! Our site is open online 24/7 so you can play anytime you want! Just be sure to login with an email you can easily be reached at so if you win any of our free sweepstakes games or giveaways we can send your prize money to you!