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May 2022 Winner Highlights

GiantSweeps is always fun to play for the chance to win money! You can choose your own numbers or let the game choose for you. Either way, it’s fast and easy to play for the chance to win some serious cash as high as $10 million! On top of that we give $25 to one player each day and $100 to someone every week. All you need to do is login to our site to earn entries into the daily and weekly cash drawings and after you play any of the games, you’ll earn more entries. Drawings are held just after midnight eastern time, so be sure to login and play before then. Also, when you login you can stay logged in on your browser, just make sure when you login initially that you use the email address you can easily be reached at. That’s where we’ll notify you if you win any of our cash prize giveaways.

Lyle K. from Toquerville, Utah, won the $25 daily cash prize on May 2! Free money is always something anyone can use whether you need to put gas in your car, order your favorite pizza delivery or maybe head out to your favorite restaurant for juicy burgers and hot delicious fries!

Jack V. in York, Pennsylvania, also got a winner email from us after he was chosen in the $100 weekly cash drawing on May 4. That’s a fun surprise you can enjoy spending on whatever you want. Maybe you’ll reserve a table for two at Cheddars Scratch Kitchen. With a name like that, it’s got to be good since everything is made just like the name says, from scratch!

Wilton T. down in New Orleans, Louisiana, also won the $100 weekly cash prize drawing on May 18! That’s great news to see in your email and living in one of the most fun cities in the country you’re sure to have a great time with your prize money if you want to go out on the town to spend it!

Lywanda L. of Clanton, Alabama, also put some money in her wallet after winning the $25 daily cash on May 21! Remember, you can always collect your prize money as an Amazon Gift Card if you love shopping online and with $25 to spend you could qualify for free shipping on a great selection of products.

Ricky S. in Grand Saline, Texas, also has a crisp Benjamin to spend since he won the $100 weekly cash prize on May 25, just in time to gear up for Memorial Day weekend celebrations! That could certainly cover some grilling favorites if you want to have everyone over for a down home backyard barbecue Texas style!

Congrats also go out to Lee U. in Hilo, Hawaii, on winning the $25 daily cash prize drawing on May 29. That could help with your weekly grocery bill or maybe you’ll head to the Hilo Farmers Market to see what fabulous produce or other fun things you can buy. With 200 vendors there’s sure to be a lot to choose from!

Congratulations to all the winners this month! Check out our Winners page for the full list and keep playing GiantSweeps every day for your chance to become a winner too! Once you play on any given day you can also come back the next day to check the winning numbers and see if you’ve matched all or some of them. Some players like to use the same numbers each time they play, and that’s easy to do if you’re someone who likes to play the same certain numbers each time. Once you choose your numbers you can review them before submitting and to the right side you’ll see “save picks” where you can click to save them first. Then, the next time you play you can easily choose “use faves” to automatically fill in those numbers again. If you change your mind, you can clear your picks and reselect them again before submitting the numbers.