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December 2022 Winner Highlights

It’s the giant month of December merriment with the holiday spirit wafting through the air! If you’re not sure what to get someone, you can give them a giant great gift which is totally free to share! Just send them the link to our site so they can enjoy playing fast, fun and totally free sweepstakes games every day, just like you do! That’s a gift that keeps on giving since it’s an enjoyable way to spend a few minutes of your free time for the chance to win some serious cash! On top of the free sweepstakes games we offer, we also award $100 to someone each week and $25 to one player every day! That’s free money to totally spend freely! We’re always ginormously happy when our players win and love to congratulate each one of you!

Rich H. from Sand Springs, Oklahoma, heads up this month’s list of $25 Daily Cash Winners after he was chosen in the December 1 prize drawing. That sure is giant great news to receive at the start of the holiday shopping season! That could pay for a nice lunch while you’re out and about in town. You may even invite a friend to meet you at Charleston’s for a tasty classic meal like juicy cheeseburgers with French Fries or maybe a side of Fried Okra and some creamy Cole slaw.

Don S. in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, has $100 in his wallet after winning the Weekly Giveaway on December 7! That’s fantastic news to find in your email inbox and actually converts to around $134 Canadian dollars, so there’s an added bonus to your winnings! Now you can go out on the town, meet your friends for dinner, go shopping, pay some bills or whatever you want to do with it!

Son Ta from Suisun City, California, also won the $25 Daily Cash on December 9. That’s some added cash to your budget which you may use the next time you head to Walmart to buy whatever you need whether that’s holiday gifts, decorations or groceries. You may even decide to get some gifts to ring in the Year of The Rabbit since everyone knows it’s sure to be a lucky one! That’s a great reason to celebrate and enjoy the local festivities with your favorite people. Maybe you’ll show up dressed in rabbit ears or a cool rabbit tee shirt to show how happy you are to celebrate with everyone!

Thomas K. in Elkton, Maryland, also landed some free cash after winning the $100 Weekly Giveaway on December 14! Thomas chose the Amazon Gift Card payment option to receive his prize money which is a quick and easy way to use it to shop online for whatever you feel like buying. Once you load it into your Amazon account you can choose the gift card balance to pay for your purchases. That sure makes checking your shopping cart out a whole lot easier!

Laura M. of Elroy, Wisconsin, also added her name to Winners Way after being chosen in the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway drawing on December 19! That could come in handy to head down town and meet up with your friends for Sunday brunch so you can celebrate while having a nice meal together. Elroy Eatery looks like a fantastic choice for a great meal especially if you love a hearty breakfast with excellent service!

Angelo W. from West Covina, California, can celebrate the shortest day of the year and being a winner since he won the $100 Weekly Cash Giveaway on December 21, the Winter Solstice. That’s an awesome way to add some sunshine to your day and we hope you have a great time deciding what to spend it on. Since you chose PayPal, you still have time for last minute shopping, or maybe you’ll take your special someone out for an enjoyable holiday dinner!

Michael B. in Fort Worth, Texas, also put $100 in his wallet since he chose to receive his prize payment by check in the mail after winning the Weekly Cash Giveaway on December 28, which is a fabulous way to head into the New Year! That could certainly be a sign of great things to come in 2023!

Michelle U. of Miami, Florida, wrapped up the Daily Winner Giveaways on December 31 when she won the $25 Cash Prize. It’s always fun to win our daily and weekly giveaways and it’s so simple to get free entries. Just login to the site and play our free sweepstakes games and you’ll earn entries automatically. Just be sure to use your real email address when you login because that’s where we’ll notify you and arrange to send your prize payment if you’re chosen in any of the random cash prize drawings or win any of our sweepstakes games. We wish all of our players the very best for success and good luck in the New Year and hope you keep playing Giant-Sweeps!