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Giant-Sweeps Prize Payout Options

As a registered member of Giant-Sweeps, you are probably already well aware that the main prizes are the $1,000 (game 3), $1,000,000 (game 1) and $10,000,000 (game 2) giveaways.  And if for some reason you're reading this and not already a GiantsSweeps member, we urge you to sign up today because every day that goes by that you aren't a member is another lost opportunity to walk away with a life changing sum of money.  So now imagine that you've submitted your favorite numbers by midnight, they're secured and locked in the file by the independent third party that audits and oversees the daily drawing and the very next day we receive the list of winning numbers and low and behold, there's a complete match.  Your very next question is probably, how do I get paid right?   Depending on the prize, you have options.

If you match all 8 winning numbers in the $10,000,000 giveaway, you'll have the choice of receiving the prize three different ways.  First, you can elect to receive a single lump sum payment of $4,190,050.  Or, if you're a little concerned about having all the money at once, you can choose to receive payments over time. One option is to receive fifty annual payments of $200,000.  Of course, if don't want the money all at once but think you want to receive payments a little more frequently, you can elect to receive six hundred monthly payments of $16,500.

Now if you match all 7 winning numbers in the $1,000,000 giveaway, you can also choose to receive all the money at once in a single check in the amount of $393,331.  Or, if you want to spread the money out over time, you can also elect to receive fifty annual payments of $20,000.  

And if you happen to match all 5 winning numbers in the $1,000 giveaway, you will of course receive all the money upfront but you will have the option to receive the prize via check or paypal.  In case neither of those suit you, we have also sent prizes via Money Order.