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October 2022 Winner Highlights

We hope you’re having fun playing GiantSweeps every day for the chance to win real cash prizes! With our top prize of $10 million, easy games which you can access every day, and free daily and weekly cash giveaways, there’s no reason not to stop by. It’s fast and simple to play by choosing your own numbers or letting the game select them for you. To qualify for the daily and weekly cash drawings, all you have to do is login. If you want to earn more entries, just play! It’s that simple and fun to get free chances to win cash prizes with GiantSweeps!

Randy S. from Gillet, Pennsylvania, added his name to our $25 Daily Cash Prize Winners list after winning the prize drawing on October 1! Don’t forget, if you win the daily or weekly cash you can choose between a check to your postal mailing address, a PayPal payment or an Amazon Gift Card if you just love shopping on Amazon as much as we do! Winners always have those options to collect their prize money.

Muriel R. in Hobart, Indiana, got some exciting news too after she was chosen to win the $100 Weekly Cash Prize on October 5! With the cost of everything going up these days, it’s great to know you can win cash with GiantSweeps to offset your expenses if that’s how you want to use it. You can do anything you’d like to with your cash prize so that could also be grocery shopping, going out to eat, putting gas in your car and buying lunch, or perhaps you’ll treat yourself and buy a new winter coat and matching hat.

William H. of Fort Collins, Colorado, also has some extra money in his wallet since he won our $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on October 10! Maybe you’ll celebrate and head to Lucille’s to meet your friends for one of those famous Cajun-Creole brunches everyone is always raving about! We hear it’s simply the best!

Sherry D. from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has a reason to celebrate as well since she won the $100 Weekly Cash Giveaway on October 12! It sure is exciting being chosen to win the weekly cash prize drawing and we hope you enjoy having that crisp Benjamin in your pocket to spend on something fun! Maybe you’ll head downtown to do some shopping and pick out something special you’ve had your eye on in the boutique window! It’s always a thrill to wear the outfit you saw on the mannequin, and we hope you totally rock it if that’s what you decide!

Willie G. in Walkertown, North Carolina, also has some walking around money after winning the $25 Daily Cash Prize on October 20! That sure is good news and maybe you’ll celebrate your win by heading to the 66 Diner for a tasty meal with your someone special to enjoy some quality time together.

Phillip C. of Ocala, Florida, rounds out this month’s list of $100 Weekly Cash winners after he was chosen in the October 26 prize drawing! That could certainly come in handy on your next trip to Sam’s Club to stock up on your favorite food items and home essentials. It’s always better shopping with prize money to pay for your purchases. Enjoy it!

Virginia A. from Atlanta, Texas, also has some extra cash on hand after winning the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on October 28. That could pay for a nice meal at Ginger’s Taco & More with your favorite person to dine out with! We hear the “more” includes some of the tastiest burgers around if that’s your jam when you go out for to eat!

Larry B. in Calhoun, Georgia, hit a Partial Match in Game 1 on October 31, and landed a cool $100 Cash Prize! That certainly makes Halloween a lot more memorable! We love giving cash prizes to our players so much, we’ll even pay you something for a partial match. Keep playing, Larry! You never know when you’ll match all of those numbers correctly and become a millionaire!

GiantSweeps offers players free daily games for the chance to win as much as $10 Million! It’s simple, fast and fun to play every day so be sure to come back and choose your lucky numbers in our free games for the chance to become a winner!