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Beware of Sweepstakes Scams

Beware of Scam Sweepstakes Sites – Know What’s Legitimate

There are a lot of legitimate Sweepstakes sites on the internet these days. And, yes, people do really win some amazing prizes and cash awards. Companies with solid years of experience and great reputations are certainly what you want to look for when entering contests online. You don’t want to end up the victim of fraud, or, worse yet, identity theft!

First of all, Giant-Sweeps and our affiliates have been in the Sweepstakes business for many, many years. You could call us veterans of the industry! We know the rules and we want you to know them as well for your own safety and protection. After all, playing to win a sweepstakes contest or online games of chance should be fun, not frightening! So, we’re here to tell you what to look for and what to steer clear of. That way you can enjoy playing with no worries!

When looking for a legitimate sweepstakes site, the first thing you need to know is no one should ever ask you for money in order to enter a contest or play an online chances game. If they do, close your browser window immediately. That’s the first sign it’s a scam. Secondly, do not ever give your bank account info on sweepstakes sites. Your prize should be awarded the way we do: via gift cards, a payment to a PayPal account (which only requires the email address linked to that account) or a check in the mail if, at the time you win, you choose that payment option. If your prize is over $2,500 we’ll need to pay by check, but we will never ask for your bank information. If you do win a large cash prize from Giant-Sweeps, over $600, you’ll need to fill out a W-2. That’s required by law, but can be done via email and is only required if you win over that amount. That’s a federal law.

Legitimate sweepstakes sites must follow the letter of the law in order to operate in the United States. So, the next thing to look for in a legitimate sweeps site is if the company has a way to contact them and where they’re located. You want to know who and where the company is and make sure it’s not some foreign or domestic scam artist just trying to rob your information.

The legitimate sweeps site should have their rules clearly stated. The rules should include free ways to enter. If any site is asking you to make a purchase or encouraging you that a purchase will increase your odds of winning, skip it. That’s not only fraudulent, it’s illegal. Unless it’s some kind of creative contest and there is a submission fee, no legitimate sweepstakes or games of chance sites should ever ask for any fee to join or participate. Giant-Sweeps membership is 100% free to join and play every day. That’s how all sweeps sites should be.

Next, check for a Privacy Policy. Make sure to read this through so you understand fully how your information is stored and used. For example, Giant-Sweeps stores your name and email address so we can record your entries, keep track of them and notify you if you’re a winner. That’s logical and necessary. If a site uses cookies, and most do these days, a legitimate site will use them to track your activity, such as the games you’re playing, or share them with affiliates and third-party advertisers in order to generate revenue to operate the sweeps and award the prizes.

Another way to tell it’s a legitimate sweepstakes site is to look for a winner’s list. After all, the whole point of the site is for people to play and win the prizes! People really do win some amazing prizes and sometimes a giant amount of cash. So, rest assured, playing Giant-Sweeps is a legitimate way to have fun and possibly become a millionaire in the process!