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September 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s been another incredibly giant fun month for our players and we’re always super stoked to highlight winners who have played and won cash with GiantSweeps! Keep in mind, all you need to do is login to our site to be eligible to win our $25 daily or $100 weekly cash giveaway! But while you’re here be sure to play to win cash up to $10 Million! It’s fast, fun and totally free to play GiantSweeps every day! We just love when our players win and we give cash prizes away every day too, so don’t forget to visit once a day to get your free chance to win!

Congrats to all the daily winners who opened their email to find out they won $25 Cash just for logging in to our site and playing our free daily games! Of course, this is not a giant cash prize, but who couldn’t use an extra $25 to spend on lunch, gas in the car, your favorite pizza or Chinese take-out, or even buy yourself something as a reward for your hard work! That’s a pat on your own back with cash to spend on a fun item like a new hoodie or a pair of fuzzy slippers to keep warm this season, or anything you can think of since it’s yours to spend freely! In fact, we offer an Amazon Gift Card as one of three easy payment methods and if you do a search, you can see thousands of items you can buy for $25 or less! So, sometimes small is giant on GiantSweeps since you have a giant number of options on what to buy with your cash prize! Congrats to everyone who won the daily cash this month including Charles S. from Oakland, California, Jason K. of Hagerstown, Maryland, Heri S. from the Big Apple, New York City, New York, Maria R. in Brooklyn, New York, who is a frequent sweeps winner. How do we know? She keeps in touch on Twitter and tells us how happy she is to win!

We also giveaway $100 per week to one player and that’s always a fantastically giant surprise to open in your email inbox!  Congrats to this month’s lucky $100 cash giveaway winners! That’s a nice crisp Benjamin to put in your wallet, keep in your bank account, spend from your PayPal account or shop on Amazon, depending on which prize payment method you choose which we offer when we send out your winner email message. That could go a long way to having some giant fun, like a great dinner out with your favorite people, holiday gift buying early enough to avoid the rush, pay off some bills, buy weekly groceries, use it for daily expenses, or treat yourself or someone you love to a fantastic gift! However you choose to spend it, it sure is great having a free $100 at your disposal! Congrats to George M. in Palm Springs, California, who just may spend that Benny on the golf course since he won on September 1! Stephen C. in Portland, Oregon, may take his friends on a pizza crawl around town with the $100 he won on September 8! Margaret C. in Aurora, Colorado, might just buy those cool hiking boots and cozy vest after all, since she has $100 to spend after winning the weekly giveaway on September 15! Derisa R. in Denton, Texas, might have the gang over for a delicious barbecue since she won the $100 weekly giveaway on September 22! Patricia S. from Owasso, Oklahoma, may be doing some online shopping with the $100 weekly cash prize she won on September 29!

It’s simple, fast and fun and totally free to play GiantSweeps every day. Just login with your favorite email address, preferably the one you check the most, and play our fast games to see if you can win some Giant Cash! You’ll also earn entries for the chance to win our daily and weekly cash giveaways just for logging in and playing! It doesn’t get easier than that! We hope you enjoy our free games and look forward to seeing your name on Winners Way so we can send you a GiantSweeps cash prize winner email and put a smile on your face too!