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October 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s October and we hope our players are enjoying the beginning of Fall and playing Giant-Sweeps every day for the chance to win money just in time for the holiday season! Our site is super simple to play for your free chances to win cash up to $10 Million! Add to that, we give away $25 daily to one player just for logging in to our site and $100 to someone every week! Everyone can use extra cash these days, that’s why we offer these daily and weekly giveaways so you can enjoy having money in your pocket to spend on whatever you’d like to!

Deborah G. in Angola, Indiana, starts off this month’s list of $25 daily cash winners since she won on October 1. That could cover a giant bag of candy to give out to the neighborhood kids on Halloween or cover a yummy take-out dinner from your favorite Italian or Chinese Restaurant! Sarathia L. from Dolomite, Alabama, also has $25 to spend or save for something special since she won the daily cash prize on October 3. Perhaps you’ll head to Walmart to pick out something new to wear or stop down to CVS and buy yourself new cosmetics! That’s always a fun treat! Robert L. of Port Ewen, New York, also won the $25 daily cash prize on October 8! Perhaps you’ll celebrate and head to the Port Ewen diner for with a friend to chow down on a couple of those famous deluxe Angus beef burgers with bacon, cheese fried onions and mushrooms! Roy T. in Grampian, Pennsylvania, might also be heading to his favorite lunch place with the $25 he won on October 16! We’ll bet the folks at Haytown Family Hangout Restaurant will be delighted to see your smiling face while you order your favorite burgers and milkshakes! Glen P. in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, also has some cash to spend on something fun since he won the $25 daily giveaway on October 25. With all the great restaurants and fun things to do in BC, you’ll no doubt find a great way to enjoy your cash prize!

Victor H. may be having some fun of his own since he was chosen as the $100 weekly cash winner on October 6! Don’t forget, if you’d like to shop online or get your payment asap, you can choose a PayPal payment as one of the three easy options we offer for the daily and weekly cash giveaways. The other choices are an Amazon Gift Card or a check by mail, which can take longer depending on the postal service in your area. Veronica R. in Chino, California, chose the Amazon Gift Card as her payment when she won the $100 cash prize on October 13! It’s always fun shopping on Amazon and even more fun when you have prize money to use to pay for it! With so many thousands of items to choose from, you no doubt have lots of options for how to enjoy your $100 prize! Olga R. from the Bronx, New York, was the next winner this month chosen for the $100 weekly giveaway on October 13, just in time to gear up for the holiday season! Perhaps you’ll head into Manhattan to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and enjoy a nice meal out with your loved ones afterwards. There’s no end to choices of great restaurants in the Big Apple, that’s for sure! Oubihi M. in Washington, DC, rounds out this month’s list of $100 weekly cash winners! You can certainly have some fun in our nation’s capital with an extra hundred dollars in your wallet. Whether you go shopping, sight-seeing, out to eat, or all those things, having extra cash to pay for a fantastic time and making new memories is always fantastic!

Be sure to keep playing every day for the chance to win our daily and weekly giveaways and giant cash prizes of $10 million, $1 million, and $1,000! It’s quick and easy to play by choosing your own numbers or using Quick Pick to let the games choose for you. You’ve got nothing to lose and could very well end up with a giant pile of money so don’t miss a day of playing. It’s always totally free and simple to play to win with Giant-Sweeps!