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May 2021 Winner Highlights

We hope you’re all enjoying playing GiantSweeps for your fast, fun and free chances to win cash! We’re always delighted to send winner email messages along with cash prizes to our winners and glad to welcome you aboard our ever-growing list of winners! Keep in mind, we give away $25 to one player every single day and $100 to one player each week, so be sure to visit our site, login and play so you won’t miss your chances to become one of our daily or weekly cash prize winners while you’re playing to win the giant bucks!

Tim G. in Fort Mohave, Arizona, got that fun message when he won our $25 daily cash giveaway on May 2. That could certainly come in handy at your local Walmart Supercenter whether you use it for groceries, household items or buy yourself something new to wear or a new tool for your work bench!

Marlin B. from Three Springs, Pennsylvania, put a crisp Benjamin in his pocket after winning our weekly $100 Cash Giveaway on May 5! Perhaps you’ll celebrate and treat the whole gang to a delicious meal from Pizza Star II. You could certainly order some hot pies with everyone’s favorite toppings. We hear no matter what you order, you won’t leave hungry with those large Italian family sized portions!

David T. of Holyrood, Newfoundland, Canada, also got a nice surprise when he won our $25 Daily Cash Prize on May 7. Add to that, it equals over $30 Canadian dollars, so now you have a few extra bucks to have some fun with! Maybe you’ll head over to Wongs House Restaurant and pick up some tasty Chinese food to enjoy with your loved ones! Don’t forget the fortune cookies!

Vickie D. in Barnhart, Missouri, might be doing a fun retail therapy trip to the mall since she won our $100 Weekly Cash Prize on May 12! You could even swing by Sherwood Classic Eats and pick up some of those tasty burgers. Don’t forget to save room for their famous Chimney Cake! Enjoy your prize money, Vickie!

Patty R. from Beckley, West Virginia, also won the $100 Weekly Cash Prize on May 26. That’s certainly fun news to open in your email and now you have that extra cash to have some fun with! Perhaps you’ll head over to Cracker Barrell for a taste of some of that down home food and do a little browsing to buy something special from the country store! That’s always a fun place to browse around to see what’s new or old and exciting!

Congrats to every one of our winners this month. Keep entering GiantSweeps for all of your free daily chances to win up to $10 Million! It’s fast, free and pretty exciting to play your favorite numbers or use our Quick Pick feature to play every day! Don’t forget to tell all your friends and family how fun it is play and win. They’ll probably want to join in on the excitement too. Just tell them all they need is a valid email address and a few seconds of their time and they could win some cash too. We always love welcoming new players.

Don’t forget to keep in touch with us on Twitter so you can share the fun with all your friends. Like and follow: TheRealGiantSweeps @realgiantsweeps and feel free to drop a comment and say hello. We’d love to hear from you!