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June 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s the good old summertime and we hope you’re enjoying the warm weather and outdoor activities, but don’t forget to take your favorite device along so you don’t miss any of your free daily chances to win up to $10 Million! Playing GiantSweeps is fast, fun and very simple and we’re always delighted when our players win cash. While you’re playing to win our Giant cash prizes, you just may be chosen as one of our $25 daily or $100 weekly cash prize winners, so be sure to open our email messages to see if you’ve been added to our growing list of lucky winners!

Vonnie M. of Semmes, Alabama, got one of those surprise messages letting her know she just won our $25 Daily Cash giveaway on June 2. Congrats, Vonnie. That could come in handy to buy some new summer tank tops at your local Walmart Supercenter or perhaps some special ingredients for one of your famous summertime dinner recipes! Enjoy it!

Karrie F. in Vallejo, California, won our $100 Weekly Cash Prize giveaway on June 2. That’s always a super exciting surprise to receive in your email! Perhaps you’ll head up to Napa and spend the day at one your favorite wineries to relax and enjoy the scenic views. Just driving up there is so beautiful with the rolling hills and miles of roses lining the vineyard estate properties. You could even head to downtown St. Helena for a bite to eat at one of the delicious restaurants. That’s a great town to stroll around after your meal. Have fun!

David G. in New Kirk, Oklahoma, also added his name to our winner list after winning the $25 Daily Cash Prize on June 5! While, of course, this isn’t our largest giveaway, it’s free cash you can use for lunch, gas in your car, happy hour with your friends or to buy something new to wear. It’s free money to spend any way you want to. Enjoy it!

Patti T. in Henderson, Nevada, didn’t need to head into Las Vegas to win some cash. She just won our $100 Daily Cash Prize on June 9 and didn’t even need to leave home to do it! Winning $100 is always exciting since you can use it for anything you want. You could buy some new clothes, treat your family to a fabulous dinner from your favorite restaurant, or even use it on vacation to buy some cool souvenirs. That’s always fun. Have a great time!

Meshach B. from St. Louis, Missouri, also won the $100 Weekly Cash Prize on June 16! We give this cash prize away every week, so be sure to keep an eye on your email for messages from us. Having $100 cash in your wallet can certainly pay for some fun things. You could head to the mall to browse around and see what catches your eye, or you could even buy a pair of tickets to see your favorite band and treat a friend to a great night out! 

Muniram D. of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, won the $25 Daily Cash giveaway on June 20, just in time to officially kick off some summertime fun! Sam S. in Cave Creek, Arizona, also won the $25 Daily Cash on June 22! Keep in mind, you can collect your prize money as an Amazon Gift Card if you’d like to spend it online on the world’s largest marketplace. There are literally thousands and thousands of items under $25, so you’re sure to have a lot of items to choose from!

Joe F. in Santa Monica, California, won the $100 Weekly Cash on June 23! Perhaps you’ll head downtown and enjoy a great meal at your favorite restaurant or even order a hot delicious pizza and head over to the beach to watch the sun set while you enjoy every scrumptious bite! Have fun with your prize money, Joe!

Mohamed M. in Washington, DC, also won the $100 Weekly Cash on June 30, just in time to make some fun plans to celebrate the 4th of July Weekend! Perhaps you’ll buy some of everyone’s grilling favorites and cook up a delicious barbecue before you head out to see the fireworks. 

Congrats to all of this month’s winners. Thanks for playing GiantSweeps. Keep entering every day to maximize your chances of becoming one of our next lucky winners! Don’t forget to check your email and open any messages from us. That’s how we notify our winners and pay your prize money! Good luck and best wishes for winning GiantSweeps cash prizes!