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July 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s another great month for our GiantSweeps players and what better time of year to win cash than summer?! We’re always thrilled when you win cash and this month, we had a $1,000 Cash Prize Winner! Congratulations to Donald D. in Pensacola, Florida, for choosing the winning numbers in Game 3 on lucky July 13! That’s a great surprise and we’re sure you’re pretty stoked to have a cool grand in your hands to spend on anything you choose! That could cover a trip to the Caribbean or Jamaica to escape for a while and enjoy some time with your favorite loved one! You could also use it to pay off some bills. That’s always a great feeling and relief! You might even need to buy a new car and $1,000 cash would be a decent down payment. Whatever you decide, we wish you the best of enjoying that large cash prize and hope you keep playing every day for the chance to win up to $10 Million!

Congrats also go out to this month’s $100 weekly cash prize winners. We giveaway $100 every week to someone just for visiting our site or logging in to play because who couldn’t use and extra $100 these days?! John O. in Friona, Texas, put $100 in his pocket after winning the weekly giveaway on July 7! There’s some spending money to have some fun, buy a nice dinner for two or get yourself something special you’ve been wanting to buy! Whatever you spend it on, have fun! Gary M. also has an extra Benjamin in his wallet since he won the weekly giveaway on July 14! Jeffrey S. in Millersburg, Ohio, is our lucky $100 weekly winner for July 21! It’s always a pleasant surprise winning cash you weren’t expecting. Don’t forget, we notify our winners by email only, so be sure to enter yours correctly when you login to our site! Tatyana W. from Minneapolis, Minnesota, rounds out this month’s list of $100 weekly cash giveaway winners. We hope you enjoy having that extra cash to spend on some things you’ll enjoy!

A big GiantSweeps shoutout to all our $25 Daily Cash winners including Connie P. in Jackson, Michigan; Scott R. of Ashland, Oregon; Pamela M. in Riverhead, New York; Julian H. in Huntsville, Alabama, and everyone who received that fun winner email this month! We give this cash prize away every single day, so this is another reason to check for email messages from us. If you’re chosen the winner, you can collect your prize as a check in the mail, a PayPal payment or, if you love shopping online, we offer an Amazon Gift Card which you can load into your account and spend right away if you want to!

Don’t forget to play GiantSweeps every day. It’s fast, fun and completely free to play for chances to win Giant cash prizes. You never know when you may choose the correct numbers to become an instant millionaire! That would certainly be a life changer and we’re rooting for you to win!

We post winning numbers on our site so you can check every day to see if you chose correctly or how close you came to winning that Giant cash! The best way to maximize your odds is to enter every day, or as often as you can, so you don’t miss any of your free chances to win!

We’d love nothing better than to see your name on the Winners List and arrange to send you a Giant cash prize payment. Keep in mind, there is never any cost whatsoever associated with a prize payment. Our site is 100% free and so is collecting your cash prize if you win.

We wish you good luck winning and hope to send you a winner email soon. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @realgiantsweeps to keep up with the latest winner news and excitement!