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August 2021 Winner Highlights

It’s always giant fun playing Giant Sweeps since it’s always 100% free, fast and easy to enter for your chance to win up to $10 million! On top of that, we give away $25 to one player every day and $100 to someone every week just for logging in to our site or entering our free daily games!

Lilijana S. from Las Vegas, Nevada, didn’t need to head to the casinos to put $25 in her purse since she won the $25 Daily Cash giveaway on August 1! Jong L. from Fairfax, Virginia, also won the $25 Daily Cash prize on August 2! Don’t forget, if you’d like to go shopping online you can collect your prize money as an Amazon Gift Card! We also offer a PayPal payment or a check in the mail if you’d like to deposit that cash right into your bank account!

Penny P. in Hobart, Indiana, has some extra cash to put in her bank account since she won the $100 Weekly Cash giveaway on August 4! There’s a nice chunk of change to buy your weekly groceries, pay some bills or just have some fun going shopping or out to dinner! Have a great time with your prize money, Penny!

Shirley B. from Effingham, South Carolina, also added her name to the winners list when she won the $25 Daily Cash on August 9! It’s always fun getting free money and spending it on whatever you’d like to! That could buy a nice lunch for you and a friend, pay to get your nails done, buy a couple of pizzas to treat your family to their favorites or use it to buy something special for yourself!

Janice G. of Jackson, Mississippi, has some extra cash on hand as well since she won the $100 Weekly Cash giveaway on August 11! It’s always nice having money in your wallet to have some fun, do a bit of shopping, treat your family to a delicious take-out meal or buy weekly groceries to cook up everyone’s favorite homemade recipes!

Nancy Evans in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, might just be heading to the Farmer’s Market with the $100 she just won in our weekly drawing on August 18! That’s always a fun place to shop and enjoy seeing your neighbors at the same time!

Don T. from Wichita, Kansas, won the $25 Daily Cash giveaway on August 20! It’s great having extra money on hand and choosing PayPal is a quick way to receive your prize payment electronically so you can transfer it to your bank or spend it right from your PayPal account!

Anthony O. from Akron, Ohio, has $100 in his bank account since he won the $100 Weekly Cash prize on August 25! That could help with supplies for the kids when they head back to school, or you could use it to buy lots of goodies to make amazing brown bag lunches, so you know they’re eating well during the day!

Sherry T. in Waller, Texas, also has some extra money on hand since she won the $25 Daily Cash prize on August 31. Keep in mind, we award this cash prize every day so be sure to login to our site with your real email address and keep an eye out for messages from us. That’s how we’ll let you know if you’ve won some cash!

Congrats to all this month’s lucky winners! Keep playing! We offer daily chances to win cash prizes up to $10 million and you just never know when you’ll choose those winning numbers! Don’t forget to check your inbox for email messages from us. If you win any of our cash prizes, that’s where we’ll notify you and arrange to send your payment completely free of charge! Have fun and best of luck winning GiantSweeps!